Oct 26, 2012

Holiday House 2012: Tobi Fairley

Tobi Fairley
Elegant pink tones are the happy touches of color in Tobi Fairley's room, entitled "Spring Forward" at Holiday House NY this year.

Not "bubble gum" nor "dusty rose", but instead just the right shade of pink, for both men and women to feel comfortable.

Many of you know Tobi Fairley's work -  named one of Traditional Home’s Top 20 Young Designers in America, and more recently has received much attention and acclaim from design professionals as well, through her work promoting the profession of design through her Design Camps and mentoring.

With an overall black and white theme through pattern and layering, Tobi's room is very different in tone and mood than that of the space by Geoffrey Bradfield that I shared on the blog yesterday. Just goes to show you how many variations and styles are possible if you wanted to incorporate this color palette scheme into your home.

So many client ask how artwork looks against wallcoverings with pattern .. and here these Jane Booth monochromatic paintings are simply elevated and highlighted against the Phillips Jeffries *Union Sqaure* black and white grasscloth covered panels.

Jane Booth Artwork

Tobi Fairley Home, a collection of fabrics, pillows and lighting, debuted as part of Hickory Chair’s Centennial Furniture Collection in the Fall of 2011, and most of the furniture pieces are tailored design pieces from the Hickory Chair line, some of which are customized with this "faux bois" textile, such as these ottomans, part of the collection which you can order directly from Tobi Fairley Home.

Merida Meridian area rugs - Cortina Black Diamond rug

One of my favorites of the Hickory Chair line, the Leigh armless sofa, which can be made to measure. I have specified it for clients on several occasions and it is wide enough & is so comfortable - enough to sleep on .. believe me!

One great blog post, from Tobi's Blog, showcased a historical look back on some of the Hickory Chair furniture pieces and how they were transformed by Tobi in a contemporary design featured in At Home in Arkansas.

Some of the Hickory Chair furniture items which have been made custom by Tobi

A sprinkle of luxury and very "Tobi Green" with these stunning Murano Glass lamps, by Swank Lighting, which almost seem as though they are glowing with the light shining through them...

An overall comfortable look, easy and cozy, especially brought together with this dark sisal rug by Merida Meridian and these personal touches on the writing desk.  

Dunes & Duchess sconce

Traditional inspired elements, in the Dunes and Duchess scones (above) and the new Global Views ceramic bust (below) help create contrast, as they are placed within a modern twist. This was most certainly the most prevalent theme recurring throughout the Holiday House designed rooms.

A nod to tradition, in a very contemporary way ..

Never forget to look up! Phillip Jefferies wallcovering highlights the ceiling

Ceilings that sparkle, a dark fireplace surround, and many decorative elements that show us another side of Tobi Fairley's design aesthetic - one of the many exciting reasons to visit and share showhouses such as this one.

Don't forget, Holiday House is open through November 18th.
Head to the site now, to purchase your tickets, and remember this is for a wonderful cause - to support the research and fight against Breast Cancer.

More tomorrow, so stay tuned!

*All images of Holiday House NYC 2012 are taken by me for this coverage. Feel free to pin & share them, but please make sure to link back to this source. thank you.


  1. Thanks for sharing! Tobi's work is consistently brilliant. There were so many great details, I had to read your post twice! ox, Kelly

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