Oct 25, 2012

Holiday House 2012 - Geoffrey Bradfield

Continuing from yesterday's post on Charlotte Moss' room at Holiday House NY, today I return downstairs.

This space is entitled "Remembrance of Things Passed", and is one of the main rooms on the ground floor of Holiday House NY this year. Inspiration from the past play an important role in the conceptualization of this room, as Geoffrey Bradfield described himself during a recent panel at the Design & Decoration Building:
"When I come into a room, the point of view is usually based upon the architecture, and location.... in the case of Holiday House, the mansion is so beautiful that I felt an overwhelming sense of nostalgia that I didn't want to ignore. That was the main thrust of the atmosphere."

South African born, Geoffrey Bradfield was well-established in Johannesburg before moving to New York City in the late 1970's. A career that spans a time at McMillen, Inc, & as a Partner of the late Jay Spectre, before establishing his firm. Today, Geoffrey Bradfield Inc has offices in NY, Palm Beach and Dubai, and is led by himself and his associate, Company Vice President Roric Tobin.

Homes such as that of Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney's estate in Long Island, the restoration of the late King Hussein's mansion in Maryland, their private jets and yachts, and unique office environments and hotel spaces on every corner of the globe are what they do best.

Plaster busts and deer / antlers and hints to animal inspired patterns are recurring decorative elements that appear in various forms, shapes and sizes throughout the house this year.. Trend Spotting also part of the experience!


Key sources for this space: Kyle Bunting and Stark Carpet, both of which Geoffrey has partnered with having designed a line of textiles and wall coverings, called Geoffrey Bradfield Signature Collection.

Astek Wallcovering (who I have covered on the blog before) that helped create the fabulous wall panels, Fine Arts Funriture,  Nohra Haime Gallery, Interiors by Royale, Christopher Hyland, J. Robert Scott, Lladro, Plaster artist Stephen Antonson and sculptors and Karen Dale Turdo.

An Asian inspired white lacquered wood sideboard with lacquered doors, drawers and decorative nickel hardware by Renzo Rutili from John Salibello Antiques in the far corner with green accent artwork, as the only true accent color in the space.  and  Newel


Modern art and contemporary Black & White theme play a crucial role in creating visual contrasts in this room, with a strong traditional bias, as is the case in most of Bradfield's work.

Bradfield's work has graced the pages of every leading design magazine, including Architectural Digest as one of the Top 100, Interior Design, Elle DĂ©cor, Veranda, Classic Home, House Beautiful, Metropolitan Home and The New York Times, to name only a few.

For more discovery into his work, make sure to check out his books:
  • The newest one, out this year! "A 21st Century Palace", published by Smallwood and Stewart
  • Bradfield is co-author of Point of View: Design by Jay Spectre (1991).
  • Author of Celebration: Christmas in New York (1993)
  • Geoffrey Bradfield - Defining Millennium Modern (2004).
  • Geoffrey Bradfield Ex Arte, published by Panache Partners (2009)
Many of these you can buy on Amazon (here).

More on the Holiday House rooms tomorrow! In the meantime, find a way to make a difference as well, and support Breast Cancer Awareness month in any way you can.

*All images of Holiday House NYC 2012 are taken by me for this coverage. Feel free to pin & share them, but please make sure to link back to this source. thank you.


  1. I am fairly certain that the wall panels are digital reproductions of portraits by John Singer Sargent.
    Sue in RI

  2. What a stunning room...love the eclectic modern styling in the historical atmosphere. It all looks very comfortable too...not stuffy or 'untouchable'.

  3. I love this room Jennifer, the eclectic combination o modern and traditional. All of the busts and deer antlers are such a fun twist. And the walls are fabulously quirky.


  4. Wonderful! My favorite part was spotting Madame X on the far right of the far wall. I can only imagine how beautiful this room must be in person.


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