Oct 19, 2012

What is Your Luxury? Elle Decor shares at Fall Market

Luxury Issue of Elle Decor (Nov)

What is the definition of luxury? Is it the literal definition .. 


The state of great comfort and extravagant living.
Luxurious or of the nature of a luxury: "a luxury yacht"; "luxury goods".
noun.  pomp
adjective.  luxurious - fancy - deluxe

or is it something more closely related to that defined by our senses - touch, sight.. and whether you feel luxurious?

What does it mean to you and what importance do you attribute to having these luxurious moments or elements within your home?

Elle Decor's very own Michael Boodro shared with us some of the answers that architects, designers, landscape designers, decorators, and overall design influencers answered on a national survey which is the feature of this month's issue.

Curious? I was ..
Here are a few of the results, and the top 3 answers from the survey..

Necessities for a Luxury Residence:

  1. Spa Bath 74%
  2. Outdoor Kitchen 62%
  3. Home Gym 61%

Design: Trip Haneish, Photo: Simon Upton 

Courtney Cox's home spa, as was seen in
Elle Decor in July 2011, designed by Trip Haenisch sink fittings are by Waterworks (another of the Luxury highlighted brands) and a chair and ottoman which are upholstered in a velvet by Rose Tarlow Melrose House. Let's just say, the epitome of luxury!

and when it comes to the Outdoor Space .. Michael Boodro himself in his Editor's letter say it best..
... the Outdoor space, in fact, is the new plus ultra.
And that is what I stumbled upon with my first Manhattan apartment, which came with a terrace nearly as large as my studio. I assumed I would never use it. But before long I was tending roses and lilacs, and hosting barbecues and cocktails.
         - Michael Boodro
Design: Trip Haenisch Photo: Simon Upton 

Luxurious Fabrics:
  1. Clarence House
  2. Brunschwig & Fils
  3. Cowton & Tout
By selecting these brands, are we seeing a shift back to more traditional prints and patterns within design schemes?

1/Cowton & Tout Kapurtala fabric (Cowton & Tout)  2/ Brunshwig & Fils Parfum d ete Ebony
3/ Clarence House Tibet Print

Luxurious WallCoverings:

  1. Phillip Jeffries
  2. Maya Romanoff
  3. Gracie
Textures, and patterns that make every room come alive - Wallpaper, a MUST!

1/ Maya Romanoff Flexi Mother of Pearl  2/Phillip Jeffries Imperial Gates Grasscloth 3/ Gracie Handpainted paper

Luxurious American Furniture Brands:

  1. Baker
  2. Holly Hunt
  3. Hickory Chair / Rose Tarlow Melrose House
Thomas Pheasant / Baker Collection  -  Alexa Hampton (with Thor) at Hickory Chair
Showrooms - High Point Market (North Carolina)

Not 3 but 4 great American Furniture Brands. Although there are so many others that are also personal favorites of mine, these few as highlighted by the Elle Decor survey, such as Baker with it's new collection by Thomas Pheasant as covered in my post, or Hickory Chair and it's many collections with designers like Alexa Hampton (pictured above), are also great supporters of providing designers with options and flexibility among the high standard of quality. That for me, as a designer, is the TRUE luxury!

Holly Hunt & Showroom / Rose Tarlow & Showroom

Holly Hunt & Rose Tarlow Melrose House, both considered leading women in the design industry and recognized as such as well by Elle Decor, also showcase many of their pieces of furniture in the D&D - Design & Decoration Building, with spacious showrooms and wonderful selections.

Not only about the brands, but those that bring them together to create unique experiences for their clients.. Some well known designers, shared their thoughts on what Luxury means to them as well..

What is Luxury Now?

"Real luxury is the way you live—ironed sheets, fresh flowers, polished furniture, a welcoming house. The atmosphere you get when you’ve really made an effort with the space, versus a space devoid of life." - Bunny Williams

Bunny Williams & John Rosselli - with Beeline Home presented in the John Rosselli showroom (18th floor)

One of the visits during the 2 days of Fall Market at the D&D Building, was a lunch hosted by Bunny Williams with her Beeline Home collection on display, in the John Rosselli showroom, which happens to one of the most exquisite showrooms with so much to offer for every need and style.

"Luxury is defined in two ways. There is the cerebral interpretation, which has to do with comfort, relaxation, and a quality of space that’s an escape from the pressured realities of life.
The object-­oriented part is things that are unique: hand-loomed fabrics, handmade lampshades, verre églomisé panels, and furnishings made by artisans who cross over into the realm of fine art, such as Hervé Van der Straeten and Ado Chale."                 - Jamie Drake

This could not have been more apparent in Jamie Drake's room, in the Kips Bay Showhouse as pictured from my afternoon there. I had the chance to speak with Jamie at the time, and his attention to every detail is the reason he has been considered one of the most influential contemporary interior designers.

Jamie Drake: in his room, Kips Bay Showhouse 2012

So how do you define luxury - for yourself, and in your home?

As an interior designer, this is part of what my client's are able achieve. Not only is it in the final result, but in being part of the process of discovery as to what luxury is to them.

Make sure to head out and get the latest issue of Elle Decor, and more to come on the Fall Market and Market product finds and trends. Wishing you all a wonderfully luxurious weekend.


  1. Jennifer, what a fabulous post! I loved everything about it!! And yes, even at HIgh Point I saw more and more traditional patterns for fabrics and wall coverings. I'm thinking we are going back towards traditional patterns for a bit but obviously with a modern edge.


  2. Excellent post. It's fascinating to hear how leaders in our industry define luxury and each of the survey responses are very interesting. Thank you for your lovely coverage!

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