Sep 18, 2012

BlogTour London: Lapicida - Natural Stone for the Home

Lapicida, international stone specialist with deep roots in the North of England, celebrated a new chapter in their 28 years in business, with the opening of their new 5000 sq. ft Flagship showroom at 533 Kings Road & I for one can't wait to see it in a few days as another event for my trip with Modenus & BlogTour London!

via Lapicida

Stone is such an integral part of any interior design scheme and can set the mood for the rest of the work. Many, may just think of these materials when they are deciding on renovating their Kitchen or Bathrooms, but as a designer in Europe for many years, the selection of all interior architecture elements was one of our first and foremost concerns & luckily we had a lot of great selections to choose from in Portugal.

Having said that - I would have really enjoyed having known about Lapicida then, so that is another reason why I am so excited about sharing a little about them now!

Styles, Sizes, Colors & Textures are all wonderful ways of creating an entirely different final results, as seen on some of these examples from the existing Lapicida collections.

1/Antique English Herringbone 2/ Azul Imperial 3/ Bruges Nero  4/ Bastille Saffron Limestone

On a completely different playing ground, there is also the Semi Precious Stone collection from Lapicida with multiple options in color and translucency..

Just think of the endless possibilities that bringing in some of this season's 'Gem Colors' like the "Rose Smoke" through the use of Rose Quartz...

or the always timeless Amethyst in place of Pantone's "Rhapsody"...

These are only but two examples of the way that these materials can transform a space with simply introducing these materials.

Backlit Onyx Entry Door via                                                          Designer Gioi Tran at JLSF Showhouse Photo:  Christopher Stark Photography

One of "go-to" stone selections, especially when I am designing large open spaces, such as the Hotel Sesimbra which I designed in early 2004-6.

Combining several textures and colored natural stones, is also another way of adding the depth in tone and layer of detail and texture which is very much part of my aesthetic. Here we combined Travertine with other natural stone elements, as well as a river pebble trim in the bathroom, and hand painted cracked ceramic tiles and slate in the atrium restaurant of the hotel, "Mosaic" (left, below).

Mosaic Restaurant / Hotel Sesimbra
My Design Artist Collaboration: Luis Cohen Fuse
Bathroom / Hotel Sesimbra (Portugal) - My Design

Mosaic Restaurant / Hotel Sesimbra (Portugal) - My Design
Artist Collaboration: Luis Cohen Fuse

Products by

Lapicida, doesn't simply stop at offering stone slabs, but can work with you to provide other ways of incorporating these materials, such as this travertine stool.

It is not only the color and texture that speaks to me, such as shown here on this exterior wall from the Lapicida gallery,

but also how the use of travertine is so steeped in history, from the great Coliseum in Rome ...

Largest known building made entirely of travertine is the Coliseum in Rome, completed in 80 AD by Imperator Vespasiano to honor the grandiosity of the Roman Empire.

through to the modern architectural icons of a our time, such as the Getty Museum in my home town of Los Angeles, by Architect Richard Meier.

R. Meier - Getty Museum - primarily in Travertine

So, can;t wait to see these and more up close and personal in a few days when we get to visit the Lapicida team.
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As always, a very big thank you to all the sponsors and Modenus for making this event happen:

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  1. Love these natural stones- how beautiful. Can't wait to see your posts from London- have fun!


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