Feb 20, 2012

Weekend Inspiration: It's a Nate Kind of Day

Hello from Los Angeles!

I have arrived to LA a few days ahead of the Deisgn Bloggers Conference next week and am already enjoying some much needed time with friends and family in the sun.

As a lead into tomorrows post, I wanted to share with you some of the design work from Nate Berkus and his team.

A few weeks ago I was so happy to be part of a group that was part of a Nate Berkus segment which focused on the use of Olioboard - the online moodboard site.

I will share more about that tomorrow (a little suspense is a good thing!)
but first I thought it would be nice to have a look at some of Nate Berkus' work and why not start with how many Americans fell in love with him as we began to know him even more through his relationship with Oprah.

As a designer Nate was able to bring to Americans a deeper understanding of all things design which was really great for our profession.

Here are a few examples of his design from his firm now, with a wide variety of projects and locations.

Great attention to every detail, from the walls to the flooring, no detail was left out. Really understandable why Oprah (& most Americans) have taken to loving Nate Berkus.

So make sure to watch the Nate Berkus show today..
and for those of you who can't, come back tomorrow for a recap post all about our Olioboards,
 the other designers and more.

*All images via Nate Berkus


  1. Love Nate's stylish work. Congrats on your segment!!

  2. we are so excited to be featured in your Nate segment! More so, that you won the whole dream office!!! Congratulations Jennifer! You were awesome!!! :-)


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