Feb 2, 2012

Color Wheel: Madonna Inspired Neon

I have a confession to make: I am not exactly a *Sport's Fan*

via midwestsportsfans.com
However, I really do appreciate the magnitude of an event like the Super Bowl ~ and it's only a few days away!

What is my favorite part of this year's Super Bowl (or really any year?) -> HALF TIME!!

So when I heard the news that Madonna will perform in the Bridgestone Super Bowl XLVI Halftime Show on NBC on Sunday, Feb. 5, at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, the NFL at halftime of Sunday night's game between the NY Giants and NE Patriots and on top of that it will be imagined by Cirque Du Soleil and Jaime King.

Now we're talking!  Myself and many, many other woman (and maybe some men) can't wait for that part of the game!

Growing up listening to music as an adolescent in the 80's (which supposedly when we are the most impressionable and when music can make the most impact as this is when we begin to choose music for ourselves.. create our own tastes in the arts) Madonna is everything!
I knew every song, every word, every dance move (no I will not be showing any videos or pictures of myself, sorry!)

What better choice than a 1980's Madonna Inspired NEON for today's Color Wheel? So going back and looking at some of those Iconic Madonna moments.. here are a few of today's pieces of furniture, accessories, fashion statements and more to get your ready for your Neon Spring 2012.

Lavello Accent Table; Cup with green, Norman doorman, Folk Dessert Plates, Branly Cabinet {all via olioboard}
Worlds Away Changright Yellow table, AVF box,

doug wheeler 1968-2011 white neon light via latimesblog.com, http://dunesandduchess.com/; michael kors, other items via olioboard

Acrylic trays: AVF; BCBG, Michael Kors, Dwell, Tagalong.com, bruno suet via sfgirlbybay.com;



via weddingchicks.com

via g-rass tumblr.com

and while we are talking Neon.. and after spending the last few days visiting the
New York International Gift Show (NYIGF) , here are a few neon-spotted items from my visit.

Windows at Macy's, Paper Mache Rhinos via Steve Parkes 859-299-5269, Recycled plastcic belts via winkydesigns.com , Ceramics Middle Kingdom ceramics, Bunnies at DK Living

and we get a sneak peak from what the stage is supposed to look like - inspiration maybe from
"Desperately Seeking Susan"?
via TMZ.com

Enjoy the SHOW!

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