Feb 10, 2012

Dec-a-Porter 360* - New York Gift Show Round Up

Dec-a-Porter 360* today is the final installment of my New York Gift Show roundup end the week with these fine pieces..

It was a great show this season, with lots of new introductions (way too many to feature in the recap) and you could definitely feel the positive buzz as I walked around. Each stand was full and it is hopefully a good sign of how the market is beginning to pick up again.

Every design scheme needs those special final accessories to make the room come together. I give a lot of importance to finding the right pillows, art and accent pieces when I am designing a room.

So as my roundup ends, I couldn't think of a nicer way to close this week then with a focus on some of those pieces. Examples for every style, color story or home.


There were definitely two Top Trends that stuck with me while walking the show

1. Color.
I shared some really nice examples in my Color Wheel post

I was also really pleased to see fabrics choices with more then just 2 colors.
For the most part of the last 2 seasons in textile design, there has been a very strong output of "one color on white" options..

I know that with the economic situation as well as the trend for very geometric shapes, many textiles were all about a green with white, blue and white, etc.. But as a designer, I personally found it very frustrating trying to create an entire home around this types of fabric choices.

So I was very happy to see that not the textiles used on the upholstery but also through the use of pillows and small accessories that there is a return to having prints and patterns with many different options which is so exciting. I personally love mixing these types of fabrics with those that are a little more geometric to really create an interesting mix of color and pattern.

2. A Return to the Traditional & Classical
  • By the use of classical prints (such as Natural Curiosities has done) but having them framed in a very modern way
  • Soft furnishings upholstered with fabrics that have used classical prints and coloration like at Tara Shaw.
  • The reproduction of the classical prints, hand painted and colored with bright vivid colors
  • The use of traditional techniques in creating textiles
  • The use of classical forms and shapes as well as materials in upholstery such as the new line from Bungalow 5 in leather.






So what do you think?
Leave me a note about if you think you might start using a more traditional note in your home this year..
or instead if you are going to brave a few stronger color choices..

Have a wonderful weekend!

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