Feb 8, 2012

1-2-3: New York Gift Show Trends: Textures

Today's 1-2-3 post continues to share some of my finds from the New York Gift Show last week with special attention to the many different textures that I saw almost in every stand.

It's not only about color statements for 2012, which thankfully are very strong statement pieces, but also the use and play of utilising *out of the box* materials allowing for a richer tactile experience as well as a visual one.

Whether encased within another object or completely exposed and almost too fragile to touch, here are a few that caught my eye.


Just a reminder that glass can have an enormous range in form and texture - I especially like this light fixture from Solaria that I think really hits the nail on the head for impact at a great price point.

I am imagining this on a dark wall giving off some really amazing light & reflections!

Serge de Troyer / Tritter Feefer
The wooden side table by Tritter Feefer (above) with an acrylic addition at it's base is just so beautiful. I love how they chose a dark finish here, but also think that this would look outstanding with a light finish as well..
Once again, Natural Curiosities presented a really great mix of materials, styles and choices of art always very beautifully framed.
Whether you are a Book Lover (like myself) or want to have Valentine's Day all year round with their Encased Roses piece, they are always a nice choice when decorating.
Natural  Curiosities

These Lucite boxes by Serge de Troyer.. not only can they store your furs (with a fun juxtaposition of these two materials) or use it as a coffee table with your books or magazines inside!
Just loved this piece in both sizes..

Serge de Troyer

Mr. Brown
Mr. Brown

Mr. Brown has introduced a few new pieces this season - ranging from this textured chest, that almost feels as if it were made in plaster, to this small side table in a *burnt* wood to the console and lamps as the latest pieces (below) in a resin that has an incredible touch and a great alternative when creating a scheme where you don't want to introduce another piece of wood (natural or lacuqyered) or metal, etc..

 Ro Sham Beaux


Mr. Brown

As most of these pieces are sold to Trade only, feel free to leave me a comment if you are interested in any of these finds, and want some more information. Happy to help.

 Stay tuned - Tomorrow's Color Wheel shares more from the New York Gift Show


  1. I love the Mr Brown tables and the bubbly glass lighting.

  2. This is exactly the right kind of advice for a blogger.


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