Feb 24, 2012

Dec-a-Porter 360* - Waldo Fernandez takes on Oscars

It's Oscar season, and I am so excited about watching the show and of course, the Red Carpet!

Also, some great films have entertained us this season and are nominated, including My Week with Mariyln that I posted about as well as Nate Berkus' film "The Help".. among others.

Another element of the awards ceremony is also all the partys, events and the detailed design that goes into these venues. One main hot spot every year is of course the Oscar's "Green Room"
which over the years has had a few different designers responsible as well as varying styles and layouts.

So when I visited Architectural Digest's online coverage of the Oscar Greenroom Design over the past few years I was so excited to share it all in this Dec-a-Porter 360* post, as well as work from this year's very lucky desinger - Waldo Fernandez.

Dorothy and Roy Christopher were responsible for the design for several consectuive years, beginning with this space in 2003 described as “a tip of the hat to the glamorous settings from Hollywood’s Golden Age.”
to this room in 2006.

Then for the 79th Academy Awards, Matthew White and Frank Webb, of White Webb, designed an eco-friendly greenroom with sustainable wood, the recycled carpeting and renewable mother-of-pearl wallcoverings.

For the 80th Academy Awards, Carleton Varney, president of Dorothy Draper & Co inspired by Draper’s original sketches for the Beverly Hills Hotel and her 1940s design of the Arrowhead Springs Resort introduced a mix of white satin, fringes, mirrors, leather tufting, and crystal.

While more recently interior designer Michael S. Smith was inspired by the 1930s and ’40s when creating his 2011 greenroom design.

This year the task falls into the hands of the designer - Waldo Fernandez who prepared us with this sketch

and here is an image (hot of the press!) of how the greenroom looks

Cuban born Waldo Fernandez grew up in New York and Los Angeles, and studied architecture and design at UCLA. Soon thereafter, Waldo was hired by Walter Scott, as an assistant set designer for 20th Century Fox ..and perhaps with this work he is coming full circle.

Recently, his work was also published in Architectural Digest with a feature on the design of Hollywood superstar of Melrose Place; Beverly Hills, 90210; and Sex and the City, Darren Star.

Fernandez incorporated pieces by Jean Royère, Émile-Jacques Ruhlmann, and Eugène Printz as well as pieces from Star’s personal collection, notably a bronze Stalagmite dining table and a set of chairs—both by the American designer/artist Paul Evans.

In the bar, where the walls and beams are enrobed in 16 luxurious coats of chocolate lacquer, Fernandez didn't miss a step in creating this very manly and inviting lounge area.

I will begin the Design Bloggers Conference this weekend and will be bring you all those recaps over the following weeks as well.

Enjoy the Oscars! have a great weekend.

Credits *All images via Architectural Digest
Read more on Darren Star's home: http://www.architecturaldigest.com/homes/homes/2012/03/darren-star-waldo-fernandez-hollywood-home-article#ixzz1nHGKobJf

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