Nov 4, 2012

After Sandy

There are moments in your life that stop you in your tracks, and make you rethink and reevaluate what and who are important. Hurricane Sandy was one of those moments.
I happened to be one of the many, that didn't pay that much attention to what the weather reporters were saying.. wasn't necessarily that concerned, and even went to a meeting Sunday night. 

But then the winds started to howl, the firemen and police sirens started to wail - that was a week ago tonight, and the men and women that are protecting our little town have not stopped since. 

This was the tree that snapped and shook our little home, but thankfully and by gods grace, fell away from our home and onto the street.

A fire from broken twigs and branches of broken trees from our yard and too many candles to count, were all we had to light up the corners of our living room, where we huddled together as a family and tried to keep warm.

Our beloved park, where all of our children play - completely destroyed by the force of the water and winds...

and our neighbors and friends had trees literally break apart and fall onto their homes.
No lights, cold weather, days that end in darkness at 4 or 5 pm and last for what seems like an eternity make you appreciate so much of what we take for granted every day - hot water, warm homes, being able to hear the news or know what is happening or even just making a phone call. All of these basic daily life tasks that we don't even notice, but when you have none for a week or longer you realize how many of these "luxuries" we just take for granted every day.

Our town rallied together and our local library, already so loved by all of our children, became our home for these days to refuel the mind and body and electronics - with heat, coffee and kindness for hours on end to those that have needed it. Forever will be grateful!

and I am so grateful to all of you that offered your homes, your kindness and messages of friendship and love to me and my family on facebook and twitter.. I cannot tell you how much it meant. We are so fortunate to have had our power restored last night, and schools to resume again tomorrow. Even though our town will need alot of time and effort to put itself back together again, having our children back in their routines, and warm homes to come back to is already half the battle won!

Sadly, there are so many that are still in need. Sometimes it is the smallest gestures that can make the difference:
If you can, check on your neighbor, ask them in for coffee, offer to let them charge their phones or do their laundry. These may seem like very small things, but believe me they can make all the difference in the world!
Other ways you can help:
1) Donate to the Red Cross -
Call 1 800 Red Cross or text the word "Redcross" to 90999 to make a $10 donation
2) Blood supplies are low so if you are in the New York/New Jersey area, call 1 800 933-2566 to donate.
3) Other places to call and make donations: - shelter/supplies food,water & supplies - medicine & supplies - food clean up kits, personal hygiene & food kits - relief for families w/kids - volunteers to help clean up
and many other ways that you think you can make a difference. thank you all for all of your thoughts, prayers and support.

Also for those on Twitter: Please follow the hashtag #How2Help kick started by Leslie Carothers and others that are sharing ways to make a difference.

My family is praying for all of those still feeling the pain from Sandy, and wishing you all a speedy recovery. 


  1. What a lovely post! My family and so many friends live in NY/NJ and my prayers are HUGE for all of you! Your spirit is admirable! xoxo


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