Mar 8, 2013

Greetings from LA + the Design Bloggers Conference

As you know from my last post, I was one of the speakers and attendees at the Design Bloggers Conference in Los Angeles.

It was an incredible, and perhaps slightly overwhelming couple of days, that really made me remember why I love our profession of design and blogging as much as I do!

Not only did the conference this year bring us an incredible amount of inspiration, information and education about where blogging is going and how we should differentiate ourselves by simply allowing ourselves stay true to our own individual and very unique voice.

So, in the midst of the events, I felt so inspired that I decided to completely change my presentation and share more about who I was and what makes me, well.. me. Hopefully, for those of you that had to listen to my story, you enjoyed getting to know me a little better and understand why I have grown to truly love my blog and all that it has done for me.

The speakers which you can see from my last post here all had one gigantic takeaway in common ~

Share more of your personal story...
Share more of who you are and how your experiences make you feel..
which will help solidify the relationships and bonds between you and your readers.

As many of you know, having worked so long in Europe I became accustomed to the formality that is required within our professional day to day, and so it has been a struggle to make this too personal, to allow myself to share my own work or my own experience on this platform as I do on my website of design work ~ ~ 
For those of you that know me personally, you know I am all about sharing *TMI* ..

So, as promised in my talk, I will make a concerted effort to continue to share more of my own personal story as well as the adventures of design and inspiration that I am so privileged to take part in having the opportunity to live in New York.

and for those of you that were not able to join me in LA, here is the post from which some of the slide came from:


Plenty of posts with recaps and highlights of my time in LA coming up, so come back soon.

A huge thank you to all the sponsors of the Design Bloggers Conference for making it possible, as well as to the team of Digital Sherpa, Adam Japko, Bob Hudgson and Luba Hrynyk for allowing me to share my story.. and hear so many others. 


  1. I loved learning about my sweet friend, Jen. It was a beautiful presentation! Love you dearly!

  2. I loved learning more about you on your 25 Things you Didn't Know About Me and what Christy shared with me from the conference. Look forward to learning more about who you are.



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