May 2, 2013

Thank you House Beautiful ..

Thank you House Beautiful for including me in your list of "Design Moms" with the likes of India Hicks and Kelly Wearstler.. Amazing!

Thanks to the amazing Karen Walrond of Chookooloonks, once again, for this special picture of me..

Now.. all I need is that holiday in the Bahamas.. and a gorgeous outfit to wear! or two.. or three..
Kind of dreaming about the new Jason Wu.. of course! How could I not be, after seeing this show live during New York Fashion Week with Brizo?

and these Gucci are just up my alley :-)


Just in case, anyone is offering!
Lastly, thanks so much to Brooke Foster for the invite.

Happy Mother's Day to ALL moms.

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  1. Fantastic!! Congrats, Jennifer. Hope to see a blog post of you in the Bahamas next weekend!! :)


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