Jun 19, 2013

Introducing House Beautiful's new Guest Editors


 Chesie Breen  & Charlotte Moss First in New Series

Beginning in October, House Beautiful will introduce a new series of “pop-up” guest editors this fall, all of them design industry notables and they will collaborate on select issues with Newell Turner and newly appointed House Beautiful Executive Editor Shax Riegler to develop content, from product coverage to design features". 

The first in the series will be edited by House Beautiful Editor at Large Chesie Breen who will spotlight Americans' homes abroad, taking readers to three major European cities along with a sojourn in the French countryside. 

Next, interior designer Charlotte Moss who will also be joining as an ongoing contributor beginning with the November entertaining issue, themed "The Arts of Living," which will include special sections on home fragrance, books, music, wine and more..
For more on Charlotte Moss' fantastic sense of style, head over to my feature post on her room at Holiday House ~ (still on the Top 10) ~ here.
“When Newell and Shax proposed this idea, I immediately and instinctively seized the theme of volupté—sensuality—for the home,” Moss said. “As designers, we go far beyond how rooms look and feel: we create atmosphere and that means creating beauty that affects all of our senses. I’m focusing on the arts of living, being surrounded by beauty, enveloped in fragrance, listening to good music, reading good books, enjoying good food and wine with friends. Basically, what we DO at home, how we LIVE.”

“Everyone loves the special, curated and one-of-a-kind feeling of a pop-up boutique and this series will have a similar effect—it is a fun, new way to collaborate with great talent, each with a unique personality and point of view, to give our readers something special and unexpected,” Riegler said.

In 2007, I was invited to be a Guest Editor for our top Portuguese Interior Design magazine - Maxima Interiores - with Bruno Viterbo (my partner, and husband for those of you that haven't met him yet!) and it was an incredible experience..

This was the issue, that we worked on as a complete collaboration with the editor - Cristina Belo, who was incredible..
Understanding the ins and outs of putting a magazine together was an important addition to understanding how we view our own interior design work.

These were some of the shots, of our working meetings..

On each section, there would appear a special caption from Bruno & I explaining why we chose this feature, special highlights from it and tips for the readers that they could take from each and every home.

Looking back, this was probably when I began to want to start my own design blog .. or at least, some type of newsletter that would share my thoughts as I discovered my own voice professionally.

I don't think I had any blogs on my radar just yet back then.. but it is fun to see how each experience prepares us for the next moment of our lives, even the ones we weren't aware were coming!

Turner added, “These issues will truly be collector’s editions, with the great American design that is House Beautiful’s hallmark and the distinctive imprint of the guest editor. We have some extraordinary projects in the works and we can’t wait to share them.”
“American design is our calling card at House Beautiful, so in this internationally-focused issue we are going to feature houses that combine the best of European tradition with American verve,” Breen said. “Each story will show how applying fresh American sensibility, love of color and can-do confidence immediately transforms a room or setting, giving it new life and creating a style that stands on its own."

Additional “pop-up” guest editors will be announced in the coming months.
Can't wait to see who will be up next in the lineup, who knows.. maybe even a few Designers / Bloggers might be invited to the party!? 

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  1. I love the concept of guest Editors- brilliant! Great post, Jennifer!


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