Sep 9, 2013

The "Back To School" ... Work ... Jitters!

Hi Everyone..!
As most of you know, I always make the effort of spending the month of August with kids, visiting the family that we never get to spend time with while we are living in New York.
This year, we decided to take a different route from the usual trip to Portugal's coast, and instead headed to sunny California where we spent an incredible summer with with sun, laughter, days in the water.. you get the idea, right?


Today was a big day for me, as I dropped off my little one in Kindergarten, my tough middle boy began his first day of 5th grade and prepare for my oldest to start another year in Middle School...
the house is a buzz;
mom's nerves are electrified (that's me)
and I am ready to get 2013-2014 started with a bang!

When it comes to work - this month is jam packed with exciting events,
panels, talks and events that I am a part of (more on that over the next few days)
and plenty of projects that need lots of TLC to get ready for the big photo shoot marathon at the end of this month.


and of course, I can't forget the fabulous event I have been working on for months - 

the first day of demo started at the Ronald McDonald House "Project Design" and my room and all the fabulous pieces are all starting to come together.
Thrilled to be part of this event and can't wait for the big reveal on October 10th.

So, I am back in the saddle, and have lots to share so I will be seeing you all around the internet.
How was your summer? Share your special events, moments with me here or on my Facebook page - would love to hear all about it.

xo Jennifer

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