Oct 10, 2013

Before & After: Remodeling the Bathroom at the Ronald McDonald House

I continue the Before and After series of my Ronald McDonald house remodel today, with a focus on the remodel of the existing Bathroom.

Although perfectly clean and hospitable, the existing space and finishes were not necessarily the oasis and refuge I was hoping to create.

My initial inspiration for my room, began with images that made me feel a little touch of "home" .. my beloved Lisbon, Portugal. I love the way blue and white pattern is so dominant in so much of the visual landscape of the city.. and patterned "calcada" stone cover many of the old city streets.

So when I saw a post by Lee Nicholson of Filmore Clark based in Los Angeles, I knew this would be the PERFECT fit and reached out to Lee right away. To my great surprise, she was so excited to partner with me on the room, that we started designing these custom concrete tiles to match my color scheme right away.

So we got busy quite quickly, as these tiles are custom made and take some time to produce and chose my color palette. 

The concept for the Bathroom .. with colored elevation for the installers to follow
In order to complete the look, I decided to reach out to the amazing team at Brizo, and ask them if they would too be interested in participating in my bathroom remodel.

I remembered from my time with them at New York Fashion Week that there was a collection inspired by the lighthouses in Portugal so without beating that theme to a pulp, it just so happened that they were the perfect match and fit for the existing plumbing.

The Baliza collection, by Brizo, is a beautiful pairing to the concrete tiles by Filmore Clark.

Right before the time to have my tiles come in and start the installation of the bathroom, I was grateful to have received a sample of the rendered selection for the final color palette before it was shipped out.

Take 1 - Not exactly what we were looking for...

Needless to say, I was looking for a more gray tone and wasn't thrilled with this color mixture. It just didn't feel right. If there is a lesson to be learned here, ALWAYS GET A SAMPLE!

So with the help from Lee at Filmore Clark, I was able to change the beige tone closer to the gray that we were looking for... and they came out in perfectly!

Perfected color way ... and final result!

No install ever goes without it's mishaps but I must say that thanks to some quick thinking, a little help from Diamond Glass with some quick mirror install, and help from Laurence of House of Laurence that donated the labor to install the bathrooms throughout the house, the final result is one that I am truly proud of.

Thanks to Raina Kattelson for some *STYLING* love before my Photo Shoot 

Over the course of the next few weeks I will continue the Before & After series moments of mine as well as  all the rooms with special focus on the amazing brands that have made it possible for me to participate:

à BAKER FURNITURE – www.bakerfurniture.com
à BENJAMIN MOORE – www.benjaminmoore.com
à BRIZO – www.brizo.com
à BRUNSCHWIG et FILS – www.brunschwig.com
à CALIFORNIA CLOSETS – www.caliclosets.com Contact: Carolyn Musher 
à CURREY & CO – www.curreycodealers.com
à CUSTOM WINDOWS – (203) 231-3659 Contact: John Hayes
à FILMORE CLARK – http://filmoreclark.com/
à GRACIE – www.graciestudio.com
à KENISE BARNES – http://kbfa.com/
à KRAVET – www.kravet.com
à LEE JOFA -  www.leejofa.com
à OLIVER’S HOUSE PAINTING, LLC – T: 914 954-3742
à STARK www.starkcarpet.com  Contact: Adam Khan - T: 203-899-1771
à THE FINISHED WALL - Contact: Angela Capan & Nancy Schadt. www.thefinishedwall.com

Please make sure to visit each of their websites, as they are simply amazing!

Open October 11-14th ONLY.
This is an event you do NOT want to miss!
Call 516-775-5683 x129 to reserve your tickets today! Kravet NYC&G

Designers participation:  Amanda Nisbet, Anthony Baratta, The Breakfast Room, Bunny Williams, Core Consulting, Danielle Colding Design, Delrose Design, Drake Design Associates, Drew McGukin Interiors, Dwell Studio, Elaine Griffin Interior Design, Eric Colher, Kate Singer, Kim E Courtney Interiors & Designs, Mabley Handler Interior Design, Margreet Cevasco Design, Matthew Patrick Smyth, Meg Braff Designs, Mehditash Design (thats me!) Michael Herold Design, Michael Tavano Design, Mr Call Design, Nick Olsen, Pappas & Mirron Design, Tilton Fenwick Young Huh Interior Design, 


  1. WOW! What an absolutely stunning bathroom! They did an exceptional job, as did you with the inspiration. Beautiful.

  2. Jennifer, the bathroom looks beautiful!! So soothing, just what these families need!


  3. Beautiful remodel, Jennifer! The essence of Lisbon was captured perfectly. From the tiles to the fixtures to the furniture, I think you finally have that oasis you were looking for. -Lovella @ Perfection Plumbing

  4. That is amazing! I want that bathroom. I am looking to bathroom remodeling in caldwell id. I don't like my current bathroom in my condo and so I have been looking for some good examples. Good Job.


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