Dec 20, 2013

Planning a Trip to Paris?

jacques garcia
A visit to Paris, perhaps for the upcoming Maison & Objet show, or simply because it is PARIS should be part of your next travel plans.

View from the bedroom - Hotel Costes (via Pierre Frey)

One of my favorite places to visit always, is the boutique Hotel Costes. 

A sexy, dark and oh so Parisian atmosphere always awaits you and now you can enjoy the updated rooms designed by the illustrious Jacques Garcia.Each visit to Paris meant rushing to the hotel o get their now must have CD compilation of music, now on it's 15th edition among many 'Great', and 'Best of' albums additionally.. 

these were always the sounds we would play during our house parties and showroom events. Still today, they are some of the best playlists one could have on, during any season.

"..the most iconic hotel in the world.. if you have never been there you for sure have at least heard their collections of music!..." - Pierre Frey

So last month when I was able to meet up with dear friend, Pierre Frey, grandson and today the well known face of the textile brand of the same name, we talked Paris and their recent brand video which caused a huge ripple effect across the world of design for it's very provocative script . Escapade, showcased the new rooms designed by Garcia using many of the Pierre Frey lines.

"We wanted people to ask the question.. we did not want it to be too obvious a story line, connected to the fabric .. but instead the story line was a the result of a family brainstorming process, and the response has been even more overwhelming than what we expected.. and the new one should be launching very soon!"

Even these "Behind the Scenes" shots, graciously shared with me by Pierre Frey, show that even the making of this video truly shares the French vibe of a true gritty French film. Just what we would expect?

Or then again, is the excitement generated by the unexpected use of this film as part of the branding campaign of the brand that is so widely known and linked to the traditional and classical design arena with a family legacy  dating back over 78 years exactly what brands must do in order to survive and thrive in the modern era of "digital" design?

"... we wanted to share that Pierre Frey had  a younger, sexy, audience.." - PF

The design details of Jacque Garcia lend themselves beautifully as the back drop to this story of love and passion, among the layers and layers of pattern and color play. One of my favorites!

Behind every great film, is the very special music which sets just the right tone. Here, composed and written exclusively by famed Pianist and Composer, Mattias Mimoun for Pierre Frey, I present to you Escapade.

Stay tuned, as I share with you the new Pierre Frey film very soon!

Happy travels and Happy Holidays to all of you. My travels include going back "home" to Portugal for the next 2 weeks, and I will be gathering and sharing all of the great things that catch my eye on instagram as well as here on the blog once I am back.

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