May 29, 2014

Refueling the Tank ~ Hello from the DR

Hello from the Dominican Republic!

15 years ago I was lucky enough to "Say Yes" to my partner in crime and have been enjoying that decision every day since. 

As a celebration, we decided to include our kids and take them on a week long adventure in the Dominican Republic. 

After the very harsh winter in NY, and truly a few hard long years, I think we all needed this time to just refuel the tank and spend time as a family relaxing and spending time laughing, estimg and enjoying each others company. 

At the moment, I am feeling pretty blessed and grateful that we were able to share this island with them. 

We are staying at Balcones del Atlantico in Las Terrenas, a great resort on the peninsula of Samana, consisting of many very large and well designed apartments. Even on holiday we like convenience and our independence - for all of you that have children, you get what I am talking about!!

Having a self contained apartment for us is a must while on an island for a week, with kids that have very healthy appetites,  and when we all want to be able to have our own space and schedules. We are thrilled with our choice!

Our apartment is fantastic, and so well laid out and designed..

And the beaches are stunning with water in all shades of blue, crystal clear and just the right temperature to spend all day in the water. Last month, the new restaurant - Porto - opened with a great new Peruvian chef & the food was amazing!

Set on the beach, and with a great wide open floor plan and perfect design for the setting we ate every item on the menu during our stay!

I highly recommend this hotel .. This island.. And especially this little area off the beaten path just making the moments a little more adventurous and all the more special. 

Now, off I go for one last dip in the water.. Back soon!

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