Dec 5, 2014

Palm Springs: Fall Modernism Week House Tours - Part 1

While visiting Palm Springs for the Fall preview of Modernism Week as part of the California Home + Design contributing editors at large, I was privileged enough to have a private tour of a few of the fine homes being shown.

Home Tour 1- Araby Cove

This home owner lovingly restored a historic Robson Chambers home nestled in the private enclave of Araby Cove. 

This home was originally built in 1949 for his brother, John Chambers and although found in a complete state of disrepair, the owners carefully and meticulously restored the main floor level while reviving the bomb shelter below into a wonderful second suite.

On three lots, the expansive deck provides the homeowners with a wonderfully private viewpoint overlooking the Araby Wash. 

The downstairs basement / shelter area was converted into a second living space, private and with its own entrance which can be a nice retreat for visiting family and friends.

A faithful revival of the existing home and it's design, this home maintains a relaxed and very authentic atmosphere reflective of the family that lives and calls it home.

The true beauty of Palm Springs is how very different each area is from one another, with EVERYTHING being "allowed' and accepted. Stay tuned for some more of my House Tours from Palm Springs over the next few posts.

*all images: Jennifer Mehditash

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