Apr 22, 2012

High Point-Day 1: Style Spotter - Follow My Pins

What an incredible start to High Point I have had...
I wanted to share and thank how incredibly grateful I feel for all of those that joined my talk with Leslie Carothers of The Kaleidoscope Partnership.com yesterday at the Antique & Design Center.
Amanda Kinney who was so kind to share all these images of hers from the event with me. make sure to visit her space in High Point if you are here or visit the blog for more information on her work.

The fab photographer Bruce Barone and Anne Bach - A FULL HOUSE!! - Jennifer Brouwer
Friends, colleagues and new friends talk and have a wonderful breakfast graciously shared with us and our audience by Hilary of Tandem Antiques

Breakfast served by the fanastic Hilary from TANDEM ANTIQUES
 and we were lucky to have the founder of OLIOBOARD with us in our audience who shared some really great news for designers and manufacturers on how they can be part of this great site. Did you know that it has nearly 3 MILLION -= yes MILLION! page views a month?

I am so honored to have met Sheilah and feel really lucky to have been part of the beginning of this site  as we appeared on The Nate Berkus Show with a fun design reveal (that nearly knocked Nate over as I attacked him!)

Sheilah ~ The Creator of OLIOBOARD gave
 our audience a fantastic Breaking news update
Did I mention we had a giveaway as well. Susana Salk so thoughtfully offered a copy of her new book (Hot off the press!) and AND THE WINNER IS->> Linda Banks.!
Here we are as Linda receives her gift!

The lovely winner of our Giveaway ~ Susana Salk's new book!


Got my first pin up!!

John Dransfield and Geoffrey Ross are the influential designers behind the New York City based home furnishings company Dransfield & Ross.

They have joined forces with Tozai of Two's Company and the result it spectacular!

This VERY unique Jackson Pollack - esque painted arm chair is just divine and comfortable!

I Love the contemporary feeling of tis otherwise classical shape. Especially the painted trim and fabric in beautiful neutrals and was so happy to be able make my first Style Spotter pin with them in the shot!

PLEASE VOTE! Click Here and repin and / or Like this Pin on the High Point Market board if you love it ..

John Dransfield and Geoffrey Ross with their chair for TOZAI of Two's Company

more pins for Style Spotting heading your way.. stay tuned for much more fun as well as a recap of all my great finds onc I ge back to New York!


  1. Looks like you're having a GREAT time! Pace yourself - 5 more days to go!! woo-hoo! Thanks for sharing pics + experience Jenn <3

    xo Lynda

  2. I will be repinning your style spots!! It was great to meet you in person at the Elevate party & run into at J. Douglas showroom! Enjoy the rest of your Market trip!!


  3. Excited to repine your style spots....great meeting you at High Point, and now you know my boss and I are 2 different people :)



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