Apr 17, 2012

Pinterest Week: A Hunt for Outdoor Design Ideas

Preparing for a design presentation is always fun .. but using Pinterest as one of the ways to save time and effort in searching for that *special* picture that shows your client exactly what you hope to achieve is a fantastic use of the time you spend "pinning".

They say good things come in 2's... well, thankfully over the past 2 weeks I have had the chance to present 2 new interior design concepts, and both have had outdoor areas to work with.

One - a small outdoor patio in a New York city apartment...
The other - a great wide open space of green...

So, when I begin to think about how I am going to incorporate the 'interior' design with what we are trying to accomplish on the exterior as well, I tend to start with the details.

The mood.. The concept.

Architectural details... slate, stone, walk ways and paths..

Trellis.. woodwork.. natural materials....

Do I want to introduce pattern, as well as texture? Are we close to the sea?

How can water become a feature?

I love being able to share some of these images with you (and my clients) and hope that they spark a conversation about what kind of outdoor living space you want to have this summer...


  1. I love Pinterest and agree that it is perfect for showing clients and vice versa. I love that it is a cloud file storage system for me!! Lovely images!!

    Hope to run into you at High Point


    1. Hi Christy..Hope to see you at HPMkt too..
      If you see the curls - stop me and say hi! ;-)

  2. Pinterest has truly become a great file system for me as an interior designer as well. I love the first image!! Will you be at High Point? I'll be there maybe we can meet at one of the parties.


    1. Hi Donna.. I will be at HPMkt.. I am a Style Spotter so you will see me snapping pics along the way ;-) Hope to see you there or at my talk w/Leslie (@tkpleslie) on Pinterest and Olioboard on Sat. April 21 @10am at the Antique & Design Center.

  3. Great pictures Jennifer! Love the first and third designs. I'm always looking for great ideas from Pinterest too whenever I'm bored. A free and superb resource for the designers!


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