Jun 20, 2012

An Afternoon with Thomas Pheasant at Baker Furniture

A few months ago at High Point Market, I had the pleasure of meeting Thomas Pheasant, at the launch of his brand new collection for Baker Furniture, his 4th in over 10 years. Rich in detail and texture, with hints of classical symmetry and inspiration from afar, this collection is the epitome of elegance and taste.

So when the opportunity presented itself to have another private viewing with Thomas at the Baker showroom in New York at 200 Lexington, I jumped at the chance.

As we walked through the showroom, looking at each piece, I laughed and felt so inspired as Thomas shared his stories of each design, each moment in an Italian factory, over the 14 months of putting together this collection. Benefiting from each experience designing every new collection for Baker, Thomas was eager to allow himself and the creative teams internationally, time to manufacture each piece just as he had imagined them to be & better!

From the moment his pen hit the paper and began to sketch, the inspiration from far and near, whether a trip to Bali, Europe, or the National Museum at home in Washington D.C., each providing their own source of creative momentum for this new collection.

via Baker
The Colosseum  (or the Coliseum) - Rome, Italy

National Gallery of Art Washington DC

Photograph by Thomas Pheasant for Baker

Where the classical silhouette transforms into a contemporary form, in wood, metal or alabaster, each of the 75 new pieces of the new Baker Furniture collection tells a story.

The repetition of pattern;
The importance of the void, the cutout - edited out space from the solid material, given just as much importance as the shapes and form created by the material itself.

"it's what is taken away.. it is the process of editing out,
what isn't there, which is equally as important... - T. Pheasant

Column Dining Table & Sideboard, St. Germain Arm Chair
Arcade Bowls, Alabaster Concentric Squares Lamps

Quintette Mirror, Roman Vessel, Moderne Lantern 

Even when going back to the basics, with a curved Patricia sofa or a clean lined tufted Max Sofa (which I LOVE!), every detail, pitch and curve has been thoughtfully achieved.

Patricia Sofa

"neutral fabrics are a nice way to finish the product".. - T. Pheasant

Max Sofa
Whether designing the showroom for Baker with a mixture of old and new collection pieces,

or designing his own home or that of a client..

"..definitely expect to see some of these fantastic pieces in my upcoming design"

Thomas was happy to share that each of these pieces were made to fill a need that he felt as a designer when looking for product. No piece was to be designed simply to add another side table to the mix, but instead because it could live as an object on its own within any space.

“Inspiration is not imitation. It is not simply recreating something you have seen…
it is taking something you have experienced and allowing it to filter through your own unique sensibility, so that when it comes out, it comes out new.”
- Thomas Pheasant

For More... visit Thomas' post on the The Athens Chair inspiration on the Baker blog:
Language of Style

And to get a better understanding Thomas Pheasant's 'Design Philosphy', interiors, and more, make sure to head to his site.

 Thank you again to all at Baker Furniture and Thomas Pheasant for allowing me to share,
 once again, another fantastic conversation with such a sensitive and thoughtful designer. It was an absolute pleasure!


  1. Those are some beautiful pieces of furniture Jennifer! Love this post!! Those chairs are gorgeous & tufted back sofa is beautiful!


  2. I really love this post. Must have been an incredible experience to hang out with such a thoughtful designer! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Such a great post: loved that you gave us the insight of Thomas Pheasant! Love that mirror!!


  4. Such a well versed blog, glad to see these are still around.

  5. Absolutely beautiful, nice post!

  6. I think Thomas has a hit with the blossom Mirror!


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