Jul 20, 2012

Guess Where? Looking Up in NYC - Day 1

Having guests come and stay is always such a pleasure. For those of you, like us, that have friends and family living in many different time zones, the Spring and Summer months are a fantastic time to visit in New York.
The beauty in seeing the city through the eyes of a person for the first time is refreshing and forces us to remember what makes so many people dream about living in the Big Apple.

A few days ago, we decided to take a tour of downtown Manhattan on one of the double decker buses! Yes, that was us waving at everyone from high above the traffic.

Of course I was snapping away as the bus maneuvered through the city streets and spent most of the time looking up! which is something we rarely get to do as we are running from place to place, and what a shame it is too. Manhattan offers some of the most exquisite views and architectural details, and I decided that I would share them with you and see if you could guess where they are..

Let's call this a Looking for Design in New York City.. so look up everyone and leave me a note if you know where this is.

1 comment:

  1. So glad you are back in the blogosphere!! I hope you had a much needed break! Is this the flat iron building?



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