Nov 14, 2012

BlogTour London: Dec-a-Porter in Print, in the U.K.

Journal of Society of British Interior Design

There is nothing better than receiving a lovely package in the mail..

and even nicer when it is an international design magazine, right?

Well, now add to that your name in print in that magazine - and you can just imagine how excited I was when I opened the Autumn Journal of the Society of British Interior Design!

A wonderful 8 page coverage of BlogTour London by Modenus, and a few of us having been selected to share our thoughts on this experience.

But first, the coverage of begins with a wonderful article on BlogTour & how far reaching this international event has come. Spearheaded by the team of with Veronika Miller at it's helm, from the inaugural tour to London one year ago, a stop in New York earlier this year and our trip to London this September, you better believe it is only the beginning with many dates and cities already booked for BlogTour2013. 

"BlogTour is not a press tour with the focus on just a brand or two."

"...the brands that so generously made BlogTour London possible, saw "increases in their social media following, site traffic, overall visibility of their brands and ..
they told us that we had done exactly what they'd been missing .. we created the online buzz!"
- Veronika Miller (Modenus)

Want to know what that means? How about over 40 MILLION impressions that reached an audience of 1 MILLION plus just during the tour, and counting! Blog posts, tweets, facebook posts, pinterest pins, and more during the event and way beyond for months of content being shared and thoughtfully curated for design interested readers.

Talk about reaching your TARGETED audience!

It was an honor to be part of BlogTour, to have become friends with all of the fellow London blogistas, and to have the team of Modenus in my life.

as the Founder & President, Vanessa Brady writes..:
" Design has come of age across many genres. It is the added value that changes how we interact in public and personal space. This is the science of design. Interior environments can influence emotions and the conduct of inhabitants in places.. "

I could not agree more. The ever changing landscape of the world of design, most importantly it's growing appreciation and respect is what this blog aims to help contribute to. That conversation.

So here is my article for the SIBD Journal:  "Emotional Engagement"
all about the emotional connection that we feel as we experience a new product for the first time. 

and my fellow bloggers that share their experience as well are James Bedell: Lighting Designer

and Lynn Byrne, of Decor Arts Now.

I hope you enjoy the reporting from one of the BlogTour London events, and in case you missed them.. visit the Page I have dedicated to these posts.


  1. Congrats Jennifer! Well deserved and so exciting!! Loved your article!


  2. What a lovely article Jennifer. Congrats on being selected :-)

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