Apr 18, 2013

BlogTourNOLA ~ Day 2 ~ Walking Tour with Shaun Smith in New Orleans

Hi Friends.. I am so happy to be able to continue to share my pictures from New Orleans one of my new favorite cities as I discover each district with the team at BlogTourNOLA and Modenus.

We took a street car from our hotel to the Garden District - a must for anyone visiting and made me miss my "honorary hometown" of Lisbon.

We walked through the very opulent Garden District, where every home was more meticulously cared for and elegant gardens beautifully landscaped, and then walked through the Lafayette Cemetery. Cemeteries in New Orleans, are very similar to many Portuguese with family crypts are all above ground as they cannot be buried within the earth, and the state in which the cemetery stands is a very dramatic shift especially as we are in such an affluent community. Even still, there is a really calm beauty as you walk through ..

and the contrast of old and new, bright and somber, is very real .. especially as you look through from the cemetery out to the bright blue and white stripes of this restaurant. If you want to help - Save Our Cemeteries  can make a difference.

Then we made it to the very popular, Magazine Street, where the very sweet and UBER stylish Shaun Smith welcomed us to take us on a very curated walking tour through a few key stores. 

Shaun Smith, welcomes us to his *home* - his atelier and
showroom on Magazine Street, New Orleans
His store, carefully laid out showcases a clean mix of old and new, which was most evident in every stop throughout the street but an item that stood out was the use of selectively placed religious inspired artifacts as objet d'art.

I encourage you to visit his site, and get to know Shaun a little more. Tell him I said hi!

Much more on this walking tour and all the great shops tomorrow...now I am rushing out to meet the team for an early start on another special day.

Thanks again to all the sponsors, and to Modenus for making this trip possible.


  1. Jennifer, what beautiful photographs - it looks like you're having an amazing time New Orleans!

  2. Beautiful images of the Garden District and Magazine Street! Looks like you are having a wonderful time in Nola!



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