Apr 17, 2013

BlogTourNOLA ~ In Love with New Orleans

So for those of you following me here and on Twitter and Facebook, you will have seen that I have arrived to New Orleans with the great group of bloggers on BlogTourNOLA with Modenus.

We are here, in part to showcase the beauty of this special 'melange' of a city as well as to attend KBIS later on this week. Today, as I arrived a little early I decided to let my feet guide me as I explored the city without any real agenda or destination in mind - and ended up in the French Quarter.

I am mesmerized by the amazing mixtures of colors and how they change from street to street. I have wanted to see these homes for myself, always finding images on Pinterest and the like as a great source of inspiration but was worried about what I would see as the city is still recovering from Hurricane Katrina.

I feel so much at home here as I walked around just taking in the strong European roots in the architecture and styles of homes .. where the fusion of cultures, and the tensions that is created with the lack of that fusion between old and new, is truly invigorating.

No, not Lisbon! 

The scars of a town ravaged by the force of Nature are still evident, and make me wonder on the comparisons to what we are feeling still back home in New York as so many still recover from Sandy.. and it is humbling to think that less than 8 years on, and still the city is in such need of help. While this is true, the energy and buzz from below the city streets, are very much a part behind the resilient force reestablishing s strong footing on the world of art, antiques and most of all music.

More to come in the next few days, as I explore New Orleans.. so make sure to follow along on all fronts!

Thanks as always to the amazing sponsors that are supporting Modenus make this trip possible.

*All images are by me, from New Orleans. Feel free to share them (everywhere!) but please don't forget to link back to this post! Thanks.


  1. You are amazing to be posting as you go! Looks like you are having a great trip. We, your fans, are following your coverage, blogger star!

  2. New Orleans is a wonderful city filled with so much culture and history! Have a wonderful time at KBIS and in NOLA!


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