Nov 26, 2013

Holiday House Hamptons: Another #DesignerCaravan Adventure

While we are on the topic of Holiday House.. and because "better late than never" is still a good line, here are some of the designs that caught my eye this summer in the Hamptons version!

We had such a great time, with friends Lynn Byrne, Sarah Sarna and Young Huh and Audrey Margarite. Another #DesignerCaravan adventure, that obviously too much fun meant not remembering to post!

Don't we all miss the summer already?

Ally Coulter
Ally Coulter's bedroom..

AD100 designer, Donna Livingston's entry hall takes on the female form and all it's beauty.

Donna Livingston in her space

Fawn Galli walls were scrumptious..

Design House goes ecclectic

Richard Mishaan's Yves Klein inspired dining room, with this luscious C2 paint..

taking on the kitchen, Duneier Design

Thom Filicia partners with Kravet for another collection, and great design


Mabley Handler's details are simply gorgeous, including the sparkle wallcovering, and custom "pink ribbon" pillows.. & graced the cover of Hamptons Cottages & Gardens!


Timothy Brown Studio creates this warm bedroom

and everyone woman's dream.. a fantastic Laundry Room, by Tamara Magel...

Thanks for visiting, and I leave you with some of the fun moments from the opening party.. 

Lynn Byrne, Sarah Sarna // Me with Libby Langndon // Libby and Kendell Cronstrom
Audrey Margarite // Me with Donna Livingston // Chrsitopher Hyland, Iris Denker and Marianne Howatson //
Young Huh, Audrey Margarite, Lynn Byrne // Making new Friends where ever I go!

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