Nov 15, 2013

Thank You Traditional Home

Just over a year ago, Hurricane Sandy made a huge impact on the families in Gerritsen Beach, New York and on the heels of the world's most devastating event in the Philippines, Typhoon Haiyan, it simply reiterates the need to help those that are suffering now, but also not to forget them one year on.

Those families in Gerritsen Beach had the help of hundreds of volunteers that came out in force with Rebuilding Together and Traditional Home magazine asked me to take part in their team's efforts to clean up the community garden.

In this month's Traditional Home, my first written article for the magazine graces page 20, as I share a few of my thoughts on the amazing day spent with this extraordinary group of people.

Thank you Traditional Home for allowing me to take part, and for asking me to share it with your readers.

And if you think that you could make a contribution to a team on the ground in the Philippines, please do. But there are many other ways to help.. through your schools reaching organizing ways in several months from know for example to connect with children there and finding ways to help the loss and grieving that will come once the dust settles. It is important to find a way to share your love with those that share the planet with us.. in any way you can, .. now or in one year from now.
Thank you.

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