Nov 28, 2014

Peek-a-Boo: Coffee Lovers Jewelry Exhibit in Tel Aviv

Maya Alma Vidan
A bracelet inspired by a cup of coffee and the coffee shop atmosphere. Brass (metalsmithing)

Aren't we all, coffee lovers?

While visiting family in Tel Aviv, I visited an exhibit of stunning new jewelry designed by young Israelis inspired by their love for coffee and coffee houses.

"Metalsmith Cafe" exhibit, curated by Galit Reshef, asked the graduates of the Silversmith Department to allow themselves to feel inspired by sitting in coffee shops, the food, the atmosphere and of course the beloved coffee bean itself. So much a part of the Israeli culture, and almost Parisian like in design and setting, the gathering and morning or evening breaks at the coffee shop are an inherent part of their daily life.

The result? 
Beautifully and skillfully designed bracelets to earrings, necklaces to brooches all intricately hand made by these talented artists and I am thrilled to be able to share them with you on the blog today.

Rings Inspired by Croissants - Smadar Shmueli
Wrapping dough triangles with a touch of soul creates the croissant, and a metal triangle with love and imagination can creare a variety of jewelry. Brass, Silver, Gold Plating (Wax Molding)

Shuli Cohen - Ring Inspired by Paper Cupcake Cups
Oxidized Silver 925 (Wax Molding)

"Tel Aviv’s coffee shops developed with the economic and cultural development of the city. In the second half of the 20th century, following the third and fourth aliyot, a considerable number of coffee shops opened in the then city center – Herzl Street  – designed for the bourgeoisie.  A European influence was obvious in all of them, however they differed a great deal from one another.
From the mid-20th century many coffee shops sprung up along the seashore, following the establishment of exclusive hotels.
These coffee shops were designed for rest and pleasure, and some held cabaret shows and shows by satirical theaters such as Af Al Pi, and Li La Lo. Some of them are still remembered as mythological sites that left a deep mark on the history of Tel Aviv, to mention only a few: Kassit, Vered, Pinati, Noga, Sheleg Levanon,Casino Galei Aviv, Ginati Yam, .."

Moshe Mental
Straight of the sack .. A bracelet made of coffee beans ready to be roasted, accompanied by coffee bean rings.
18K Gold Plated oxidized brass, burlap, fishing wire, leather, garnet

Galit Tzlnik - Bracelets inspried by coffee bars. Gold plated brass, black satin plated brass (Metalsmithing)

The 1930s and the early 1940s saw a “café revolution”.

Numerous cafés sprung up in the new north of Tel Aviv – Allenby, Ben Yehuda and Dizengoff Streets and brought with them a new type of pleasure that was manifested in a well-groomed and stylish appearance, sitting with ones face to the busy street, music and ballroom dance parties, a diverse menu and professional and high-class service.
The café owners took care to maintain an aesthetic façade and enlisted architects and designers to plan the locations. The tables were covered with tablecloths, the plates and cutlery were of superior quality. The menu included appetizing cake, cold and hot drinks and spirits, breakfast, lunch and dinner.
There offered different brands of coffee: Columbia, Brazil and Costa Rica, Turkish coffee, cocoa, milk shakes, cold coffee, “expresso” coffee, or mocha espresso.
Some of the coffee shops had their own character, a result of their habitués. Literary crowds, artists, lawyers, public figures, government and municipality officials, businessmen, journalists, emigrants from Germany, etc. 
In Ginati and Noga, the artist Reuven Rubin, the conductor Michael Taube, Dr. Yosef Pomruk, the writer Menasheh Levin, could regularly be found. From the 1960s California, and Pinati, Stern and Lev Aviv were the coffee shops frequented Bohemian clientelle, offering a kind of second home for writers, poets, painters and artists. 

Rachel Buzaglo
A bracelet and ring inspired by the rising steam from a cup of coffee.
Gold plated brass (metalsmithing)

Keren Merfon
A necklace inspired by a sack of coffee beans.
Gold plated brass, goldfield chain, burlap, embroidery thread

"A Cupcake Brooch" - Maayan Hartmann
Gold plated Brass, carinola, perspex

Idan Yitzchakian
A bracelet and ring inspired by coffee beans.
Beech wood, zircons, gold plated brass (metalsmithing)

"Disposable Spoons" - Racheli Eshel Arnon
Disposable spoons are a necessity in coffee shops. The original spoon is made of a simple material that I have made splendid.
24K gold plated silver, amethyst (wax molding)

Lastly, inspired by the Israeli chain Aroma Cafe, which so happens to be one of my go to places whenever I am in Soho (New York), this set of rings took color and style leads from their logo.

Anat Traum
"Coffee at Aroma"

Collection of nine rings composed of three color groups, matching the coffee chain's logo. The geometry of the rings is inspired by the logo's shape.
Colored Brass, 24K Gold plated silver (Metalsmithing, Wax Molding)

I could own each and every one of these pieces!
Hope you enjoyed my little tour through Tel Aviv, and come back soon for more on my design and travels!

*images: Jennifer Mehditash
*history of coffee shops: Eretz Museum

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