Nov 22, 2014

Peek-a-Boo: Tel Aviv's New Sarona

Visiting Tel Aviv after nearly 6 years was truly amazing. The transformation of this cosmopolitan city in the heart of the Middle East blew me away!

A fantastic new development nearly at completion was the area of Sarona. Once under the control of the German Templars this area is now a bustling outdoor courtyard filled with health conscious restaurants and Brooklyn-esque style retail stores.

This video of the History of the area, and the importance it played during the creation of Israel as the Declaration was officially signed here, as Jerusalem was still not where the government had set up. Remnants from this time can be seen in some of the homes you tour.

"The Templars left their mark on the lay of the land
with their industrious and innovative nature."

The French chain - FAUCHON - is opening its doors in the new outdoor fruit and vegetable market opening next summer.

Nestled between the newly completed high rises surrounding the old and original Templar homes, this area is a very much desired new neighborhood leading the way as a shining example in real estate development for this city. 

We took a tour of one of the main homes, painstakingly restored over nearly 12 years and with teams of European engineers brought in to help.

It was very special to be able to spend time with family and friends and enjoy these beautiful sights together.

Come back for my next post with shots from a few fun nights out in Old Jaffa at a Masquerade Ball, dinner at a new age fusion restaurant and more from Israel.

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