Nov 24, 2014

Peek-a-Boo: Tel Aviv at Night

A night on the town in Tel Aviv, included a fantastic meal at the recently opened Asian - Fusion restaurant Taizu.

"A new concept restaurant based on chef Yuval Ben Neriah’s personal interpretation of street foods of five countries in South East Asia – India, China, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.

Renowned Israeli architect Pitsou Kedem partnered with Baranowitz-Amit Design Studio to design the space and to great success. The interior is rooted in two main themes with different areas and styles of dining, from the more formal to the more relaxed and casual seating area.

The five elements of ancient Chinese Philosophy (Fire, Water, Metal, Wood and Earth) and the culinary DNA of the menu and are faithfully represented in the interiors as well. 

Our dinner was sensational with plenty of great dishes that we all shared, and ended with this sinful chocolate cake..

On one of my last evenings, I was invited to a family friend's 50th birthday extravaganza - A Masquerade Ball, in an old abandoned building in the center of Old Jaffa. 
Talk about ambience!

As part of the invitation, we were all sent individual and unique masks .. 

Old Jaffa at night and location of the Masquerade Ball

The catering was incredible, with nothing left to chance. Poker and Blackjack tables, Bars, Fresh Sushi Bars and an assortment of after dinner drinks and sweets filled every room.

They filled the rooms with different seating areas, while one room was left as a dance floor, with DJ and famed Israeli pop sensation, Marina Maximilian Blumin. A classically trained pianist, musician and virtuoso singer, she was the runner up of the 5th season of Kokhav Nolad (Star is Born) and is regarded by some as a "once in a generation" phenomenon.

and the evening ended with a burlesque pole dancer, really very skilled, that left well.. lets say .. all the men in the crowd were thrilled!

A little more on my visit to Tel Aviv coming up on the blog this week with a little retail therapy and a fantastic artist and jewelry exhibit.

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