Jan 5, 2012

Lighting Tips for Every Room and Occasion

Lighting design needs to be planned in tandem with interior design.
Whenever possible, it is ideal to work with a Lighting designer on a project (and lucky for me I have one in house!). It is ideal to get, if only a consult with a specialist, in order to guarantee the most effective results.

Natural light is always a plus in any room, and it is important to try an maximize this if you are lucky enough to have great natural light...
Some questions you should ask yourself when thinking about the Lighting:
  • What's happening in this space, and which types of fixtures are the best options to achieve a well lit result?
  • How can you create a balanced lighting scheme throughout the space?
  • Are there any architectural details we want to enhance, or call attention to?
  • What kind of ambiance do you want to create? Dramatic, seductive, or is there a special task that requires a specific lighting? Or perhaps it is simply, the ability to choose between the two.

Always keeping in mind how the textures, colors and all surfaces will reflect and react to the light choices you make. As an example, a white or shiny surface, and some wall coverings such as grass cloth, can reflect approximately 80% of the light that strikes it whereas brickwork, some fabrics and plaster will help to absorbs it.

Taking a few of the main rooms in every home, here a 3 TOP TIPS to help guide you in making your choices.


Lighting on all levels is key to creating a perfectly lit, living space. Ceiling, Walls, Tables and Floor lighting makes for a very warm and comfortable environment.
  • Make sure to have enough available options of sockets to connect table lamps, floor lamps, as well as preparing for sconces and ceiling fixtures.
  • Always plan for more sockets than you currently need - Gadgets and gizmos need electricity too. Whenever possible, double sockets are practical as well. Don't forget to include one extra in strategic locations if possible in the floor.
  • Bring your artwork to life with halogen track lighting, or adjustable recessed lighting as additional options.


Steven Gambrel

jay jeffers / jean louis deniot

Adding lighting to shelves is also an amazing way to create a wall of light without, enhancing your display, without causing too much  

mehditash design

This is the room that you can really make a statement!
  • Choose an appropriate size chandelier. This is an important choice to make: Functionality & Aesthetics are equally important and the key to a great Dining Room. Don't forget: Chandeliers should be hung approx. 30”- max. 35" above your table.
  • Adding a dimmer, can really help set the tone of this room.
  • Smaller recessed lighting or accent lights help create *Sparkle* on a sideboard or lit displays.
Great Tip: If your chandelier is made of glass or crystal, shine halogen light, through the use of adjustable fixtures, onto the chandelier and watch it come to life!

via the lennoxx com

Suzanne Kasler

Susan Ferrier of McAlpine Booth Ferrier Interiors

Bunny Williams

  • Whenever possible, you should have the option for several levels of lighting in the bedroom. 1 for tasks, 1 for reading/ sitting comfortably in bed, and a lower level of lighting that is for the more *romantic* occasion.
  • Ceiling light fixtures? Only if the light is properly diffused (not shining on your face!) and ideally dimmable.
  • Indirect lighting such as picture lights or lighting on shelves is a nice way to help maintain the mood in this room.
andrew haliday and david greer



  • Never forget to have face level lighting next to your mirror. bathrooms with only light from ceiling fixtures, cannot double as a vanity because of the shadows they create.
  • Bathrooms are a place where LEDs are finding a great use, especially for lighting within the shower enclosure.
  • If you have to use fluorescent lighting, be sure to select good quality rendering lamps (those are the expensive ones - sorry!), and from reputable manufacturers only.
anne miller

Vicente Wolf

Whenever and wherever possible, don't forget how beautiful the addition of candles are in lighting your room...

All about putting the schemes together, Mood & Inspiration Boards


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