Jan 24, 2012

Peek-a-Boo: ALT Summit ~ Successful Collaborations Panel

I just got back from a long weekend in Salt Lake City where I attended an amazing conference  ~
ALT Summit.

It is the 3rd year, and was created by Gabrielle Blair of "Design Mom", Kate Schoening, and Sara Urquhart that describe the event in the article in HuffPost Culture as "clever and smart and beautiful and kind. It's like a weekend getaway with your best friend: well-deserved, rejuvenating, overdue and comfortable." Don't let the gal-pal tone belie the serious intent of the conference."

I have to say I really wasn't sure what to expect as a new blogger, and a first time attendee. I was so excited and completely terrified about a 2 1/2 day talking, breathing, eating

The panels and panelists were all so amazing it was really hard to choose and at that moment I really understood the beauty of cloning yourself!

So over the course of the next few weeks I will do my best to go through all of my notes (literally filled an entire notepad full of them!) and will post my #TOPQUOTES from each panelist, starting with my first session about Successful Collaborations.

Danielle Krysa from The Jealous Curator
Victoria Smith from SFGirlByBay
Joslyn Taylor of Simply Lovely
Bri Emory of Design Love Fest

Coming together with other great creative, sparks of energy and great quality content can emerge from these types of collaborations.. these 4 professional bloggers shared their stories on how they have each had ups and downs in creating teams.

They were honest and open and very funny ~ Basically, they had all of us at Hello!...

  • "constraint that yields creation"
  • "try and connect with those that have a similar aesthetic as you, but can see things with a fresh outlook"
  • "avoid working with friends, just because they are friends. you need to be able to connect creatively, and be demanding and respectful of each other's work."
  • "create a voting system that not only reflects the majority but also HOW important each matter is to everyone"
  • "never pair off in a discussion! if you are a group of 3, discuss everything as a group of 3"
  • "better to do 1 thing well and Kick *A%$% * than to do 10 things by simply phoning it in"
  • "never, ever air your dirty laundry online :-)"
  • "it's human nature to share"
Also collaborations with big brands and sponsors were shared, especially one with Victoria and Ben Silberman of Pinterest. After a chance meeting at ALT only 2 years ago, they were able to collaborate in the "Pin it Forward" campaign which even Ben himself attributed to a huge reason for this sites success...

SO, what's the moral to this story you ask? Dream BIG...no...Dream HUGE! Anything is possible. 

And by the end of this first session...


I am already counting the days till ALT next year..  I might just keep that date a secret though till I can guarantee a spot ~ don't want to have it fill up before I can register :-)
Just being honest!

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*other images were taken by me for ALT blog post. Share kindly :-)
*image of me and panel are from Alt’s Flickr stream. by the fantastic photographers that documented the event

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  1. Sounds like you had a great time! I have wanted to go for a few years and may just go this next year. Great little gems of insight!


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