Jan 30, 2012

Weekend Inspiration: Wooden Beams ~ Design for MEN?

I spent a lot of time on my Pinterest boards this weekend.

I find that while doing this for awhile I am able to spot certain trends, patterns, colors or even architectural details that seem to appear repeatedly. A type of "Trend Spotting" a la Dec-a-Porter.

This Weekend Inspiration post, focuses on exposed wooden beams in design and how to design for men.

The first thing that comes to mind when I see an image of a room with exposed wooden beams on the ceiling is, how those that practice the art of Feng Shui consider it a very negative force.

Anantara Qasr Al Sarab
It is thought as "a poisoned arrow" so the belief is that you should avoid sleeping, sitting, working, studying under it whenever possible.

Some believe that you can alleviate some of these negative energies by painting them white, making them visually less apparent, or by covering or softening their impact from them with fabric, hanging bamboo, or even firecrackers!

via aubreyroad.blogspot.com

uxus design

But on the other hand, with the Super Bowl only days away, and with so much emphasis being placed on design and room layouts that take into consideration the "male" population of the home ~ this does seem to me to help introduce a more masculine quality to the design scheme.

Jute Interior

Is it that heaviness of the wood, or perhaps the 'visual stability' that it inspires that makes me feel this when I look at some of these examples?

I'm not sure. But, I can say that when designing a basement or a TV / Theater room in a home there have been many occasions where I have been asked to introduce these types of elements into the design scheme - even though there may not necessarily be a true structural reason for them.

California Home & Design ~ Erin Martin
Cheryl Tague ID

via Scot Meacham Wood blog
Celerie Kemble

Kate Walsh's TV Room via InStyle magazine

So what do you think? Beams, or no Beams?
Do they make you feel the same way?

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  1. Great images! My vote is definitely "beams"!
    Love love that second image
    And congrats on the best design blog nomination
    x kat


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