Jan 4, 2012

Making the Most of Your Designer

 Here are my 3 Top Tips of How To Make the Most of Your Interior Designer
  1. Be as clear as possible about your ideas: what you want, as well as what you don't want.
  2. Do your research. Not only should you find different designers that you could ask to help you and how each one works, but you should also be aware of the prices of the products that you will need. Ultimately, this will help you be have the most realistic expectations of what is possible within your budget, time frame and other defining factors.
  3. Being informed as well as informative. Being open and honest about what your desires are with your designer, is the key to a successful relationship.
Informing your designers about your ideas through:
  • Gathering Inspiration: use images, cuttings, ideas of colors, etc that you like or even dislike in order to help better illustrate what you were thinking. These can be design related, or pictures of fashion, artwork or products - anything that inspires you.
all images via my pinterest boards

  • Be realistic about the financial aspect of your project and budget. Making an initial list, or creating one with your designer, of the items you may need, as well as what you have already, can help you through the process of prioritizing where and how the overall budget will be allocated. Sometimes, you may be surprised that you are able to buy the *extra* piece you really desired as long as you allow your designer to help guide you through the purchasing of the project. Honesty here is Key!

Free download to help you get started:
Here is Checklist that you can use before meeting with a Designer (provided by the ASID)

  • Be receptive to ideas. If you have made an informed decision when hiring your designer, trust yourself in that decision by relying on some of the knowledge and expertise that this professional is bringing to the conversation. Ultimately, as the client, you have the final word, so it can't hurt to hear your designer through.

Some of the most common mistakes made when hiring a designer:
  1. Not taking a proper business approach
  2. Not being clear about your expectations
  3. Not researching sufficiently the method of working, style and qualifications
  4. Not getting a proper agreement or contract established prior to beginning the process, outlining each parties responsibilities
  5. Not establishing a budget
  6. Not being prepared for the unexpected!
  7. Not being prepared for the *emotional* tensions which can occur when there are remodels and construction being done in the home - especially if you decide to remain living in the space.
  8. Not trusting the professional, especially at the *Leap of Faith* moment - where as the client, you feel frightened or unsure of the outcome, but that is when you need to REALLY trust the decisions you have made with your designer and allow everything to come together before making your final decision.

Some common misconceptions about working with a designer:
  1. A designer will impose their tastes, styles and selections on you ->> NO!
  2. Using a professional will end up costing much more money -->> NO!
Of course designers have access to product and vendors that as a retail customer, you would not be able to purchase, but more importantly as designers we spend every moment sourcing, reading, visiting vendors and workrooms in order to gather as much information as possible.
Also, just like an account manager, an interior designer will help avoid any costly mistakes and will be able to guarantee the sizing and delivery of all products as well as providing you with the service of a hassle-free experience.
Designing your home is FUN - so enjoy it!

What's Coming Up:
Lighting tips for each space in your home
Mood & Inspiration boards


  1. Excellent post! All good things to remember. Research is a big one, even when using a designer. And define a budget. It is hard for a designer to start without one because that tells us what direction to go. There are $600 chairs and $6000 chairs, we need to spend a customer's money wisely.

  2. Great post! Trusting your designer is probably the most important thing, believing that she will be working in your best interest and minding your finances.
    Knowing hat she will take time to listen,to explain the process and keep a good level of communication open is key!

  3. Excellent post Jennifer! Insightful & informative. THANK YOU for sharing :)



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