Nov 9, 2011

1-2-3 - Online Flash Sale Mania

"Time is Money" as the old saying goes - and that is the name of the game when shopping Online Flash Sales.This week's 1-2-3 post, is all about the shopping experience of Joss & Main, Rue La La and The Foundry.

Are they different than their larger or more "Home" dedicated competitors that I focused on earlier this week? Yes! ... but they should definitely not be discounted as each has their own unique take on how to approach the market, and all with a very distinctive & loyal client base.

What makes one vendor or client choose one site over the other? Is it about the timing? The mood? I am so fascinated at how the same brand may fair completely differently in each or all of these sites. And so my in depth look begins with...

With "Curator's Collections" and "Lookbooks" for each sale, and through the Joss & Main Blog, we get a deeper understanding into the creativity behind the products.
It's not just about the curated selection but how they are part of this stylised aesthetic making them more desirable.

There is a smaller selection of products and sales - at this time there were 11, but as part of CSN, one of the largest retailers selling home goods online, there is a history of customer service, and relationships with the great manufacturers and brands in the business. and - they have my initials.
Check it out:

Maybe better known for it's connection to fashion, but I do feel that the "RueLaLa"' Boutiques have a place in this list for providing alternative "LIVING" options to their clients interested in Home & Design. After all, wouldn't we all agree it is about the Lifestyle package, not just the product?

This example is Five Hours of Organizing Services for very innovative alternative to simply purchasing the products themselves. What a great idea!
Visit today:  and while your there, maybe get a great DVF dress to wear!

The Foundry, by Hayneedle, offers a variety of styles and brands to their curated selections by their very own team members. The "who" that makes up this team and their story is important to them, and it shows (they even have a video to prove it (here), humanizing the experience.

But definitely my favorite part of the site is the "What's Selling" feature that shows you in real time everything that clients are purchasing.

For someone like me, basically extremely curious, I could watch that clock for hours!

So I leave you today with these parting words: "What's with the Dog?".

Happy Shopping!

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