Nov 28, 2011

Weekend Inspiration: Boston bound - Part 1

What a beautiful city Boston is.
Having only visited once before...this last visit was especially energizing.

The colors of Fall; the cold crisp air, was perfect for a one day trip. The beauty of train travel is being able to spend a few hours on the train, working and reading, and then have a chance to spend a full day enjoying another city. It's such a nice way to travel, and living in New York luckily provides for a great starting point and one I am starting to take adavantage of.

Boston Common
Images: Dec-a-Porter

This Weekend Inspiration will just have to be divided into 2 parts, tackling my finds in 2 distinct "design" areas.

This week is Beacon Hill.

Well known for it's fabulous brick houses, and little antique shops...
How cute is this dog?..I promise he was just sitting in front of this door.
Looks like a postcard.

Beacon Hill, Flower pots decorated for the holidays..with sqaush & cork..Beautiful red door

as I enjoyed walking along Main St, I stumbled upon a really nice design atelier belonging to the very talented and lovely Interior Designer, Cynthia Driscoll.

Images via Cynthia Driscoll design

She stopped to speak with me a bit and showed me her great finds from her travels to Europe and beyond. Really great energy in this office and showroom, I am so grateful she took the time to speak with me and let me take a few shots to share with you.

A few special ladies stood out from all the rest..and to be honest I haven't been able to stop thinking about them.

In the center of her showroom space, Cynthia had displayed on a stunning slate table, a group of lovely plaster busts made by an artist with a great sense of humor.

I'll let the images speak for themselves...

She is my favorite of all...

For those of you lucky enough to be near Boston, head on over to Cynthia's..she's a great woman and I'm sure she will offer you a glass of wine while she wraps one of these up for you!

For pricing, and any additional information please contact:
70 Charles Street, Boston, MA 02114    Tel. 617.367.6770  Fax. 617.367.6771

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  1. I'm so glad you had a nice time!! Love those busts; I will have to check out Cynthia's shop when I'm in the city!


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