Nov 8, 2011

Peek-a-Boo: A deeper look into the new Gilt Home

The latest design news and this week's Peek-a-Boo report focuses on the launch late last month of Gilt Home, led by Jason Goldberger with Editorial Director Tom Delavan, Divisional Merchandising Manager Alexander Ogof and Lead Design Advisor Shane Reilly.

A new 4 part online shopping experiene for all things Home.

“Since we founded Gilt Home, we’ve had the opportunity to truly understand how our members shop, what they are passionate about, and what they want and need, which is why we felt that the time was right to further expand our offerings,” said Jason Goldberger, general manager of Gilt Home. “With the new Gilt Home, we wanted to create a unique shopping experience for our members by providing them with everything they love about Gilt and more.”

Gilt Home: Ways to Spruce up a New Home Flash Sale
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Former loved "Domino" magazine editor-at-large Tom Delavan inspires with great design schemes and allows us to 'Shop the Story" with a selection of Gilt Home featured items. One stop shopping to its max!

"... if you show readers a beautiful room, a room that they crave, they really want you to show them how to put it together and where they can find it. At Gilt Home, we will do both—create the inspiration and then give our members access to the product.”

This is a great feature, which allows you to customize your search not only by brand but also by categories such as Kitchen Essentials, Handmade Home or Black & White.

Designer boutiques curated by renowned interior designers Bunny Williams, Alexa Hampton and Laura Kirar, providing members with access to a curated assortment of products, original lifestyle content and a “shop the room” experience. The product selection will include items from the designers’ own personal inventory and existing Gilt products, with a focus on items exclusive to Gilt.

Bunny Williams

"So much of design is about education and Gilt has found a way to incorporate
education, editorial content, and shopping through one experience. To be a part of
something that aims to bridge the gap between design and a larger audience through this
experience is truly exciting," said interior designer Bunny Williams.

Alexa Hampton

and Laura Kirar

Vist and come back and share your favortie shopping experience.

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