Nov 11, 2011

DAP 360* - Designing with Online Flash Sales

This week is coming to a close, and I have to say that I have enjoyed so very much getting to know these different online flash sale companies a little better. It has made me think a lot about how the interior design experience, for designers and their clients, is changing and evolving at lightening speed. These are 3 more examples of how the Online Shopping experience is available.

Starting off with Haute Look. A very large variety of styles and products, this is another great example for your "online decorating", through themed selections like "French Cottage", we can choose items that play a part in this design story rather then brand related..or products that are perhaps a little away from what seems to be more available on the other sites, such as "Happy, Imagine, Home"

and I love this FIND IT FAST detail, that allows you to quickly sift through the selections..especially when the clock is ticking!

Check out Haute Look and see what you think.

Number 2: is's contribution to this market place, which allows us to utilize all the other perks and services that this website has to offer (shipping, bundling with other purchases, etc). Although there is still a small Home Selection,'s Amazon so how could I not include them?!

A much more recent addition is, but they include a really nice lifestyle Blog that asks "Experts" to participate in Curating some of their sales, like Meredith Heron's feature below.
The "you might also like.." is a really nice detail, and can help some buyers quickly find additional items that other customers purchased within the same style and category.

Lastly, a look into V&M - Vintage & Modern which shines a light on the unique, the artistic and vintage find. Positively beautiful in it's design and extremely user friendly it is self described as a "destination for discovering unique and original pieces as well as inspire and educate with innovative editorial content". I have to agree.

Not exactly a "flash" sale, in that the sale lasts a little longer usually then the traditional 48 hours or so, but an important contender in this market.

A touch of 1st Dibs meets high end interior design magazine quality editorials, VandM also allows for a "Shop the Look" experience, which is always a hugely popular feature.

The Sold Feature: Probably my favorite, and the most informative feature (especially for other vendors and designers) Amazing tool!

So generous for VandM to share this information and so it gets a special shout out from me!

Each site this week has it's own voice; providing us with a unique shopping experience.
Through the evolution of online flash sales, there has been a new found revival and interest in Home Designing which especially in today's economic climate, can only be considered a great thing.

Although I am inspired by how exciting these new opportunities are, I am left with some lingering on closing today's Dec-a-Porter 360* I wanted to share some of them.

What is the new role of designers when access to new products are hand delivered to each and every one of us on a daily basis?

How can we continue to provide quality service, without engaging in what becomes the almost inevitable "race" with our clients in selecting and creating design schemes and ultimately pricing them out?

Simply put: How can we keep up and remain an invaluable member of the team?

As a designer, I dedicate most if not all of my time and money into remaining current; furthering my on hand knowledge of the quality and styles of the products and vendors I choose, much like a doctor or specialist would do.

Visiting trade fairs, attending conferences and workshops,showrooms and galleries, while devouring design magazines and catalogs and continuously reaching out to fellow designers, etc..

Designers are crucial in providing careful consideration into maximizing the budget while creating an innovative and functional space for our clients.

So I say - there must be a way to provide a platform for each other in order to preserve the integrity and respect for our profession whilst allowing our clients and ultimately ourselves, to benefit from great pricing and sourcing through what will inevitably be the future for home shopping.

Next week, come back and see how I have decided to 'tackle' this issue - head on.
Enjoy your weekend and may it be full of inspirational shopping!

A little bird told me that the Who's Who Designer Directory site - Dering Hall is launching  a Featured Sales element next month as well...Stay tuned for more, but in the meantime have a look...maybe still missing a "few" designers (hint, hint), but a great site!

Other Online Flash Sites:

Further Reading: After completing this post, I received this link to a very well thought out article by Meredith Heron Design on the Blog " Sashay", and like me, she felt compelled to share how this new world of design is making her feel. Have a look, it's a very thoughtful post.

Online Flash Sales more than double in a year By Rachel King | August 10, 2011, 10:25am PDT
Summary: Flash sales are turning out to be a popular revenue booster for online retailers.

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  1. I can't wait to read your thoughts about how designers can create a value proposition for their clients when surrounded by all these practical online buying tools!


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