Nov 21, 2011

Weekend Inspiration: Reading, and the Love of Books

Although this is a blog, and a lot of my time lately has been spent in front of a computer, I am a true Book Lover...and this Weekend's Inspiration comes from a wonderful woman on Twitter who has been helping revive and draw attention to some really quaint local bookstores.

So, I wanted to dedicate a few images to books, gorgeous shelf displays and home libraries which will hopefully inspire a few of you to head on out to your local bookstore - and maybe even read a book or two with your children.

Credits: Lonny Magazine: Design Vivre;
Kips Bay Show House 2010 via Juniper Books

95 Wall Street Library via Juniper books (and details), Lonny Magazine -Design Lauren Gold

Icon Brickell spa, Design: Philippe Starck. The shelves are filled with 2,000 books wrapped in plain white paper from Thatcher Wine's custom library company, Juniper Books. (Moris Moreno/The New York Times)

Lonny Magazine: Design: Trip Haenisch

Juniper book detail, Mehditash Design (detail), Image via Lonny magazine - Design: Angel Dormer

Books in every color, size and shape are the nicest way to bring warmth to any room.
Not only can the stories transport you but it can bring families together.
Why not start a book club with your children? They should be inspired to read and feel confident in choosing different genres and knowing what they like and don't like ..and you can discover new stories with them.

Juniper books (details), Hillary Swank apartment via Elle decor_Simon Upton

Jay Jeffers design

Books are also another way for us to bring across our ideas visually, and many designers have found that through the launch of a book, they have been able to reach out to new clients and new opportunities simply by creating the opportunity for everyone to access their world through their words, and images.

For those of you in New York:

please visit ...

Front Studio Architects: Maggie Soladay Photography
McNally Jackson Café

and a special shout out to a little bookstore in Larchmont, NY called

Andersons Bookstore.

For more great images of bookshelves in design: visit Lonny magazine online

Another Great resource: Juniper Books - from Thatcher Wine (pictured) for custom books

Have a wonderful week, full of moments inside the covers of a good book and a big shout out to Leslie for this effort on Twitter.
Log on and attend her #GetPublished chat on Dec7th - @tkpleslie.

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  1. Love it all - you know this is a subject close to my heart!! I am so grateful for my local bookstore and am always delighted to write their design book reviews for them as a free service in appreciation!! And of course a big fan of Leslie's as well!!


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