Dec 14, 2011

1-2-3: The 1st Dibs floor at the New York Design Center

Michael Boodro, ELLE DECOR editor in chief; Jim Druckman, president and CEO of the New York Design Center; Michael Bruno, founder of 1stDibs Photographer: Aaron Wexler/ (via ElleDecor)

During my visit to NYDC over the weekend, I was able to speak with Jim Druckman, President and CEO of the New York Design Center about his collaboration with Michael Bruno and, known to many as the go-to online directory for antiques, art galleries, jewelry, and furniture worldwide, took over the entire 10th floor in the New York Design Center earlier this year, making design at the highest level, accessible to all.

According to Druckman, this was the another important step in bringing the world of design to New York's front door.  With an ever changing selection of products, each corner has a wide variety of extremely well presented schemes that showcase some of the finest that each gallery and vendor has to offer.

Today's 1-2-3 post focuses on 3 key trends with my finds on the 10th floor!

More images to come in next week's post ~ Stay tuned for Art, Lighting and much more from this visit..

Head over to the New York Design Center and make sure to stop by the 1st dibs on the 10th floor...
For those of you that cant make it ~ visit them online at 1stDibs _ NYDC as well as more details on any of these pieces that you mau have seen on this post.


  1. I would love to use vintage bowling balls in my garden!

  2. Ooooh, love the drafting table and that dare I say rack of balls! Vintage is so fun. Even in the most modern rooms I think you always need one older piece for character, or it looks too done.

    Nice pics!
    XO Decor Girl

  3. I especially love the vintage draughting table and lamp!


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