Dec 15, 2011

Color Wheel: Tangerine, Anyone?

In case you haven't heard..(ok just kidding) of course you all have heard that "Tangerine Tango" is Pantone's Color of the Year - 2012.

Last week, I thought it would be nice to gain some perspective about how the color was used throughout the 20th century before diving head first into using it within design schemes.
But as today is Color Wheel, and as an interior designer my job is to steer my clients in the right direction and help them (and you) make an informed decision.

I must admit - I do love orange..and oranges..BUT

I think as a color within an interior design scheme it just has to make sense or is too strong of a statement to be done half heartedly.

You wouldn't walk around in a mini skirt without feeling comfortable with your legs, now would you?

So please put the paintbrushes down, and before you decide to start painting all of your walls in Orange...

Here is a little inspiration on how it can be done, thoughtfully and easily..


Organe can bring some much needed warmth and happiness to a room and design scheme,

So here is to a sunny inspiration ~

UPDATED: For more on Tangerine Tango -->> Listen in to my interview by Robin Siegerman the Host of Renovation Bootcamp Show at Web Talk Radio while we talk about "Tangerine Tango", Pantone's Color of the YEAR - 2012!!

*Images Credits: (Products) Anthropologie, Arteriors, Mottega, Stray Dog, Aidan Gray, Z Gallerie, Oly Studio, Global Views, Made Goods, Zentique, Currey & Co, Twos Company & Tozai Home, Century Furniture, Hickory Chair

*Images Credits Rooms: via Pinterest,, (tree house)


  1. I love it! All of it. :)

  2. Ah! Love it! I have a beautiful photo from Tuscany (Siena)that reminds me so much of your feature photo. Not to mention, I also use Tangerine in a few of my works of art, and sometimes wonder if it's the "right" thing to do! I love being experimental with color - great post.

  3. Hooray for orange! I used the orange Bungalow 5 (Hourglass & Taboret) tables this year. ♥♥♥

  4. It is such a fresh accent color. I adore many shades of orange/tangerine. This post is fabulous! Thank you for reminding people to "put down the paintbrush". lol So funny.

  5. You know what really goes well together. Red and orange.



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