Dec 2, 2011

DAP 360* - Books, Creative Gifts and Holiday Spirit

On my trip to Boston last week, I spent some time in Paper Source and Oh my.. can I loose myself in a store like this!

Besides the incredible gifts and stationary which I am a huge sucker for, I was drawn to this  amazing book, especially since my last post on the same subject.

As a great follow up and just in time for the holidays, I couldn't resist focusing this week's Dec-a-Porter 360* post on:

Su Blackwell, The Woodcutter's Hut 2008

In these pages, Jason Thompson focused on a few ideas, and with easy to follow step-by-step instructions on how to achieve them.

The book consists of 3 main chapters:
1. Getting Started: Folding, Mutilate, Staple, and Spindle
2. Projects to Play with: Novel Ideas for Artists and Bibliophiles
3. Gallery: Reimaging the Book

Of course, I am not suggesting you run out and start ripping apart your books..but, there are so many books being discarded or unused and unloved, that can be given a second lease on life.

Visiting any Habitat for Humanity, Salvation Army or Second hand shop, and you can find plenty of paperback books in groups for sometimes under a $1 - at the same time helping those in need.

And with the holiday spirit in mind, here are a few ideas to help decorate the house this season..from hanging ornaments, to wreaths ..
Why not take it one step further, and personlize these with handwritten sentiments, or a family portrait?

and wrapping gifts with customized gift tags and bows ..

or setting the table ..with a personalized touch. This could be a flower with the number or initial ..or perhaps get the kids involved and let them help paint these for a truly unique table setting.

and for all those gifts you have to give this season...

As a hostess gift, for the teachers, the post man, the ladies at the local grocer..with a special wrapping like this (which can double up as an ornament, don't you think?) how could they not feel special this year - and still don't have to break the bank.

or simply a work of art that glows on the tablescape..

This book has so many fabulous ideas and is just a pleasure to read.
Hope I sparked your curiosity ...

Want one of your very own: You can buy one here, at my Amazon Shop.

Have a wonderful weekend, and look out for more great finds from Boston on Monday's Weekend Inspiration.


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