Dec 29, 2011

Color Wheel: Finding Your Inner Sparkle

It's nearly 2012 and how could I resist dedicating this Color Wheel post to Sparkles, Glitter and anything and everything that shimmers? Really, I couldn't..

As I put together my post for tomorrow, a New Years Resolution if you will, I thought that this would be a nice lead up as I look deeper into what I would like my path to be next year and how I can make that happen.

So "Brace Yourselves", and maybe pull out a pair of sunglasses.. and here is to finding your own sparkle this new year!

Discovering your own shining light is an exciting journey
that can lead to wonderful new oppurtunities..

Thank you for sharing my journey with me.
Tomorrows post - My 2012 New Years Resolutions.

* All images via my Pinterest board: Sparkle. Please visit for further references and details of image credits. 

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