Dec 16, 2011

DAP 360*: Logging on with this month's Elle Decor

There are small details in the room that should never be overlooked ~ andirons and fireplace screens and tools are just some of those details.

As a weekly in depth look on Dec-a-Porter 360*, and in the spirit of the winter months ahead, I thought it would be fun to share some Andiron inspired design schemes

...taking a cue from this month's Elle Decor "Logging On" artcile produced by Mieke ten Have.

There are times when these details should almost fade into the background, hand in hand with the entire scheme..
Other moments, its about the element of surprise and throwing in something completely unexpected..

Here are my pairings, inspired by one of four andirons from this month's Elle Decor:

So light the fire this weekend!

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