Dec 9, 2011

DAP 360* - Tangerine Tango through the 20th Century

Perhaps you haven't heard yet but it is official! Pantone has declared "Tangerine Tango" to be the official color for 2012.

So, brace yourselves.. if you thought next year would be calm and subdued ~ you were wrong.  A strong shot of happiness is headed your way..and in my humble opinion, a very much needed introduction to our lives...

Almost as a sign from the heavens above, my new book,
Pantone - The 20th Century in Color arrived yesterday,

so today's Dec-a-Porter 360* will reflect on how this strong orange has been used throughout the past 100 years.

From the early 1900's onwards, in a Post-Impressionism world, artists were encouraged to embrace color in a completly new fashion. With freedom of expression came a revolution in fashion, design and art, and by looking at some of these color palettes, we can see how orange has impacted many formats of design and creative inspiration over the past century...

With the discovery of the Egyptian King, Tutankhamen, another explosion of color emerged - rich in lapis blues. and cornelian oranges mixed with strong golds.

and continued to reappear in many different hues throughout the century right ...


In the 1970's, after the 60's Color Explosion, many felt overwhelmed and unsure on how to apply these new trends into their lives.

In comes  the US Department of Commerce & National Bureau of Standards, which in 1975 produces this publication (below), "Color in our Daily Lives" - distributed in schools across the nation, in order to help educate the American homeowner.

Similar to Johannes Itten's 1961 "The Elements of Color", "in essence blending what was the Bauhaus color philosophy and graphic application which has been called ethico-aesthetics.."

and in order to see how this story ends... well, you will just have to buy the book!

What a wonderful book Pantone has provided us with an incredible historical visual  timeline of how color has impacted us, through advertisment, fashion, industrial design, art & music, only to name a few..

Stay tuned for what is yet to come ~ 2012

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