Dec 28, 2011

1-2-3: It's So Organized

I have to say that as a Virgo, and a designer, and maybe just because I am a woman as well..(ok I could keep going) I just get a sense of tremendous peace that washes over me as I look at neatly organized objects.
Over the holiday weekend, a friend of ours introduced us to a new visual library of sorts - all about neatly organized items..

I'm not suggesting you make a list of everything you own..

But as everyone begins to think about taking down their holiday decorations and preparing themselves and their homes for the New Year, I can't think of a better 1-2-3 post then sharing 3 styles of organization to get you all on your way..

In order to help group my objects at home and help me get ready, I decided to group them three ways: By Size, By Color, and By Collection.


Pinned Image

So, are you feeling a little more relaxed? Maybe just a bit more enthusiastic about the idea of putting all the holiday decorations away..and preparing your home for the New Year.. I know I am!

*All images via my pinterest board: "It's So Organized"
*And for great inspiration and more images on very tidy objects - Visit Things Organized Neatly


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