Dec 8, 2011

Color Wheel: A Child Friendly, "Chris-Mukkah" Holiday Table

For those of you that also share many faiths at home, the holiday's need to be approached with a sense of careful consideration..
now throw in a few kids and things can get very tricky indeed!

This year, feeling energized by the wonderful New York weather this season, we have decided to spend the holidays at home with family visiting instead of travelling. 

I decided that I would start experimenting with table settings that would make everyone feel filled with holiday cheer and bring a little bit of home to the table scheme...  
Here are some of our initial ideas on today's Color Wheel.

A touch of Blue & White of Hanukkah with hand blown glass pieces from Italy as plate holders and wine glasses with cut stars,

Red and White tulips and white and silver china from Haviland for Christmas ..

Some kid friendly Star Sprinkled cookies..Snowflake napkin rings, a hot pink runner (because I can't resist adding some pink) and a few Polka dot Holiday crackers from E.A.T. in Manhattan (you have to pry me out of this store!) et voila!

The table cloth is from our honeymoon in Marrakesh (many moons ago) but still great on so many occasions..

Candles, little Hanukkah sparkles and kissing dogs from The Standard Hotel as my salt and pepper shakers..

How will you bring your family together this holiday season? 

Wishing you a very happy holiday season..full of inspiration, love and lots of color!

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  1. LOVE it! Love the kissing pups, that's my fave part. Lovely day. :)


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