Dec 5, 2011

Weekend Inspiration - Boston, Part 2 - South End

What a great response to the first part of my Boston trip recap on last week's post.
This Weekend Inspiration is on the other end of the city - South End -
which was a huge surprise to me.

I had never been to this area before and was amazed at how much of a 'Design Mecca' it is..

The amount of fabulous design stores,
stores with a special 'vibe' just like this wine store (how great is that logo!)
and designer showrooms with alternative furniture and accessories.

This window display had a great vintage feel and all ready for the holidays - making great use of old drums, picture frames and an old copy of the magazine "Holiday" to help recreate the right mood...

And as I just let myself get lost in the side streets of this neighborhood, I stumbled upon this store:

HUDSON _ the new showroom/furniture store of interior designer Jill Goldberg, which recently relocated to this very chic 1,500 square foot shop..

Every piece is special; very carefully and thoughtfully displayed,
not to mention that the interior architecture of this showroom is just "to die for".

How amazing is this light fixture?!
Seriously wish that I had a place for it...I would have snapped it up in a second...

*last 2 images via Hudson Boston

Every detail, right up to the tags with little tassels...

I ended my day on a high note, as only a few doors down the road is a heavenly cafe called the SOUTH END BUTTERY, where the pecan pie is divine!
I was nearly knocked over as I entered by the rich smell and everyone was so friendly. Definitely recommend it.

So, as you can see, the one day road trip to Boston left me feeling very inspired indeed. Hope you enjoyed these pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Next trip, I am definitely going to spend a little more time criss crossing these streets to see what else I can find.

More big news to come this week - so stay tuned!

Contacts: 12 Union Park Street, Boston, MA, 617-292-0900,

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