Dec 1, 2011

Color Wheel: Black & White, and Warm all Over

Black and White with a hint of a warmth from either a wood finish or a color palette that echos a natural golden tone transforms an otherwise cool, crisp scheme into a home.

Warm, inviting and completely put together and still "un-designed" - this is what symbolizes pure perfection within design. A sucessful design scheme to me, is when we as designers can create a scheme that seems like we were never there at all. Yet, upon some more thoughtful consideration, it has an underlying thread that is our hallmark and our design sense adapted to this family and client.

"Effortless Design"...

Like anything well made, it should appear as though no effort was made at all..and still, as we all know, nothing can possibly be harder to accomplish.

Here are some great examples of rooms that simply come alive with that hint of warmth...

Now what would this room be without this stunning piece of furniture!?
The pillows and bag hanging on the rack simply reinforce the the warm tones and make for a stunning shot.


But really nothing compares to a well designed scheme in Black and White with 'that' special hint of warmth!

*all images via linking you back to the original sources.

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  1. We do think alike... I have a post in the works on Black & White too. How funny. See you next week on #IntDesignerChat



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